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Adiyen wants to know baout Sri Elayavalli Swaamin!

From: Rukmini varadarajan (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 05:24:15 PDT

Om Sri Ramanujaya Naamaha
Bhakthas here is a request,
I had noticed a message posted by Swamin Ilayavalli 's
son,I wish to get shramasharnam done from Our AchAryan

Shri Ilayavalli swamigal.I am making a trip to our
native Srirangam tomorrow night and will be returning
on 25th June Monday by Rockfort.If at that time our
Acharyan is happens to be at Trichy, it would be a
great thing and pl any one help me to know baout this
..All the messages that this great group is posting are
very precious and i keep reading them and also saving
them too.Its a greatest opportunity for all the Shri
Vaishnavas to know the great ancient scruptures of
Great Mahaans and Acharyas.I am very happy about this
and i pray Lord  Sri RangaNatha to get these 
wonderfulservices continued for ever.
rukmini varadarajan

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