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Re: God's Grace

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Tue Jun 19 2001 - 01:01:37 PDT

Dear Sri Mani and Sri  Sadanandagaru,

The Daya Aspect of Bhagavan is exemplified in the Daya Shatakam of Swami
Vedanta Desikan. Following is an English Commentary on Daya Shatakam by Sri
Muralidhar Rangaswamy mama.

>Sri Malolan
> and Sri Vishnu have only said that the Lord's choosing of Yashoda
> or Arjuna is pure leela

I should have been bit more explicit in my mail. Daya is a Kalyana Gunam of
bhagavan. Daya is not leelai. (Refer: the commentary available above.)

At this point, I would reccomend members taking part in this thread as well
as others to study the Daya Shatakam of Swami Desikan. I strongly feel that
all our doubts will be cleared. The Kalyana Gunam of bhagavan is very well
established as Daya Devi in Daya Shatakam.

On the other hand, Sri Sadananda garu has pointed out:
> > I have a big problem in appreciating this concept, if it is said that
> > it is predetermined by Him then, He becomes partial - while he
> > declares - samoham sarva bhuuteshu name dveshosti na priyaH|

When Suprabatha Seva begins everyday for the Brahman in Thirumala(Refer Sri
Bhasyam "Shruti Shirasi VidIpthE BrahmaNi SrinivasE"), the bhattars chant;

"NiranjanAya vidhmahE nirAbadhA ya dimahi, tannas srInivAsa prajOdayat.h"

NiranjanA means free of all imperfections

The Shruthi prastana is best understood by following bhaasyas. Sri Mani
pointed out the brahma sutrams as well as Vachana Bhooshanam and Daya
Shatakam. Before we go ahead, we must take a note that this is a very
delicate topic.


Adiyen Ramanuja Daasan,

Malolan Cadambi
"Un Adikkeezh amarnthu PuhuzhndEne" - Swami Nammalwar

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