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Re: Koora NaarAyaNa Jeeyar's provenance.
Date: Tue Jun 19 2001 - 00:20:57 PDT

Dear Sri Sadagopan,

Here is an another data point on this question.
The periya-tirumuDi-aDaivu (p.589-90 in puttUr svAmi's 
edition) lists kUra-nArAyaNa-jIyar, also known as
nalan-tigazh-nArAyaNa-jIyar as a disciple of Parasara 
Bhattar. His was born on mArgazhi-kETTai in Srirangam 
and was the son of Embar.  Like Sri Vedanta Desika he 
worshipped Lord Hayagriva as his ArAdhana-mUrti and was 
an upAsaka of Sudarsana.

Among the works he composed is listed the 'upanishat
kUranArAyaNa-bhAshyam', commentary on stotra-ratnam,
and the sudarSana-Satakam.

The answer to the identity of the upanishad-bhAshyakAra
can probably be found in the avatArikA to uttamUr svAmi's
publication of SrI ranga-rAmAnujAcharya's upanishad bhAshyas.


--- In bhakti-list@y..., Sadagopan <sgopan@c...> wrote:
> Dear BhakthAs: 
> A friend of mine and a native of a village
> near Kooram has checked and advised that 
> the Koora NaarAyaNa Jeeyar , the author of 
> Sudarsana Sathakam is a contemproary of KurEsar
> and Bhattar. He is considered  thus to be of a different 
> time frame (much earlier )than Swamy Desikan's time. 
> He seems to be known by the name of Koora NaarAyaNa 
> Jeeyar of Srirangam .  
> The AdayAr Library manuscripts however give the date
> of 1459 A.D for the Koora NaarAyaNa Jeeyar  and comments
> that He is a follower of Swamy Desikan and has given us 
> the famous work ,"Sudarsana Sathakam ". He is also 
> linked with commentaries on MaandUkya Upanishad ,
> TaittirIya Upanishad and IsAvAsyOpanishad. 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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