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Koora NaarAyaNa Jeeyar's provenance.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 14:20:38 PDT

Dear BhakthAs: 

A friend of mine and a native of a village
near Kooram has checked and advised that 
the Koora NaarAyaNa Jeeyar , the author of 
Sudarsana Sathakam is a contemproary of KurEsar
and Bhattar. He is considered  thus to be of a different 
time frame (much earlier )than Swamy Desikan's time. 
He seems to be known by the name of Koora NaarAyaNa 
Jeeyar of Srirangam .  

The AdayAr Library manuscripts however give the date
of 1459 A.D for the Koora NaarAyaNa Jeeyar  and comments
that He is a follower of Swamy Desikan and has given us 
the famous work ,"Sudarsana Sathakam ". He is also 
linked with commentaries on MaandUkya Upanishad ,
TaittirIya Upanishad and IsAvAsyOpanishad. 

The references to his living in Post-Deskan era are :

Sudarsana Sathakam :  Adayar D.X . Intro. P.XV;HCSL. P281
( author of Sudarsana Sathakam ); Adayar Library Publication,
1966 .

His authorship of IsAvAsyOpanishad:
Potter, Poona Sanskrit Series , 1921.

His authorship of TaitthirIya Upanishad:
Saasthra MukthAvaLi Series: Series of Books
edited by P.B.AnantAchArya , Kaanchi Vol 24, 1905.

His authorship of MaaNDUkya Upanishad:
Potter , AnandAsrama Sanskrit Series: Vol 62: PP 244-418,1910.

In summary , There seem to be two Koora NaarAyaNa Jeeyars,
one who lived during KurEsA's time and the other after
Swamy Desikan's time. I welcome the input form Sri K.M.Narayanan 
that Sri Koora NaarAyaNa Jeeyar was a contemproary of 
KurEsar. My thanks to him for sharing his insights 
as a native of a village near Kooram.

I am still confused by the references and links of
Sudarsana Sathakam to the other Koora NaarAyaNa Jeeyar.
We know that Swamy Desikan was very fond of IsAvAsyOpanishad
and wrote a commentary on it . I am not sure whether 
" the Srirangam KooranArAyaNa Jeeyar " wrote any commentaries 
on the Upanishads including IsOpanishad.

Additional comments are welcome in a spirit of research.
Those who have access to AdayAr Libraray can check on
this matter to clear the air on authorship of
SudarsanAshtakam .If nothing is unearthed , let us 
attribute the SudarsanAshtakam (about the Sudarsana
Moorthy of Kaanchi or Srirangam ) to the elder
Koora NaarAyaNa Jeeyar!

Srimath Azhagiya Singar PaadhAngri rENu,

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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