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Re: God's Grace

From: K. Sadananda (
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 04:26:05 PDT

>In my opinion, His gracious glances are pre-determined one and fortunate are
>those who receive it.

I have a big problem in appreciating this concept, if it is said that 
it is predetermined by Him then, He becomes partial - while he 
declares - samoham sarva bhuuteshu name dveshosti na priyaH|

If it is predermined by me, then it is  the result of my past actions 
or prarabda karam-s.  But I was the author of those karma-s and I can 
do better in future to earn that grace. Thus grace in a way I can 
earn by acting properly now.  'His grace' is a graceful way of saying 
that it is result of my own actions of the past and present - 
prarabda and purushaartha.  This means I can make myself fortunate by 
acting properly now.  He is ready to shower as long as I make myself 
qualified by my own efforts.  Responsibility for grace rests on me 

>  He sends the same
>set of (super) souls who is nearer and dearer to Him in different forms.
>They come and go again
>and again with  some specific assignments.  And also Acharya and their
>position are also pre-determined by God for a specifc task and people of
>their times identify and follow them (unlike we choose and elevate a person
>based on their knowledge,faith etc).  Since He showers His Grace only to few
>select Super Souls, many times I doubt whether we are all really destined to
>reach His Abode and do kaimkaryams.  Also we do not really know what for we
>and who we are.

I have another problem in grading the souls in vaikunTa in terms of 
superiority and inferiority of the souls.  If it is based on one's 
karma then we are back to limitations even in VaikunTa and it becomes 
in no way different from the Leela Vibhuuti.  If the superiority is 
based on the intrinsic differences in the souls then the question 
arises on what basis these differences exist, particularly if all are 
sat chit ananda swaruupa-s.  Principally are there swaruupa 
lakshana-s that makes one superior to the other! On what basis these 
swaruupa lakshaNa-s established and why???

Open to learning.

Hari Om

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