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God's Grace

From: K Balaji (
Date: Sun Jun 17 2001 - 23:01:58 PDT

This topic (Lord's grace on Fortunates) is going in my mind
 for a quite long time.  But I really could not discuss with anybody.

In my opinion, His gracious glances are pre-determined one and fortunate are
those who receive it.  If we see the birth of our Acharyas ( RamAnujar,
Desikan and also Adi Shankarar)  and Alwars, theirs are avatars of one of
nitya sooris (Adi seshan)  and/or God's closely related things ( like
sangam, chakram,
Ghanta Mani)  etc.  Adi seshan took birth as Lakshmana as well as
RamAnujar.  Also Ajaya, Vijaya took as Sisupalan, Hiranyakasipu etc. (Ajaya
& Vijay
were cursed to take birth in Bhoolokam and their
demand for thinking about God always during their tenure in Bhholokam
was  granted in a negative way by thinking of God out of fear for their life
and claim
of their supremacy. And their death was pre-determined one by God).
Also Mandana Mischrar and his wife were
avatars of Brahma and Saraswati during Adi Shankarar's (an avatar of Lord
Shiva)  time.
Similarly so many births took place and all our PurAnas, Itihasas and
Bhagavatam give
ample references for this. So during difficult times and as part of His
Leela, He sends the same
set of (super) souls who is nearer and dearer to Him in different forms.
They come and go again
and again with  some specific assignments.  And also Acharya and their
position are also pre-determined by God for a specifc task and people of
their times identify and follow them (unlike we choose and elevate a person
based on their knowledge,faith etc).  Since He showers His Grace only to few
select Super Souls, many times I doubt whether we are all really destined to
reach His Abode and do kaimkaryams.  Also we do not really know what for we
and who we are.

Also, in my opinion,  nornally ordinary souls do not have any such specific
task other than
praise Him and follow the
path provided to us by Acharyas.  The only Grace could be we take birth as
human form to think of
Him. In this He simply watches out our actions and we get results based on
our actions
According to karma theory  we are the determinants of our own karma.  God
normally do not interfere in our karma phalan and also will not wipe out our
karma. As a Creator
at the most out of compassion He may reduce our sufferings arise out of
karma and provides more and more chances  to reduce our sins arsing out of
karma by
allowing more births till we become eligible to receive His grace.  That is
why scriptures
also advice us to do good and have detachment from worldly life otherwise it
would lead to more
karmic actions.

So the question whether merciful Lord  wantonly choose one individual to be
the recipient of his grace and allow the "unfortunate" rest to suffer as
usual seems to be true due to karma theory.  At the maximum we can praise
the Lord, life of our Acharyas & Alwars and enjoy their works.  Because ours
are departed
souls from His Abode. So we have to just wait for his Grace to reach back
Him and we do not know really when it would happen.

Since the topic came for discussion I simply mentioned things that came on
my mind and seek
pardon if anyone get hurt by my words in whatever way.  Adiyen request
BhagvatAs to
correct me of wrong understanding of the subject if any and enlighten me.

Balaji K

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Subject: Re: Why Partha's Sarathy?

> Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri writes:
> > Now the question comes as to why Lord krishna chose Yasoda as
> > His mother. why not vasishta's wife arundhatI or Goddess
> > saraswatI? the answer is nirhEtuka krupA.  fotunate ar the ones
> > on whom the gracious glances f divya dampatis fall. rest
> > everybody is unforutnate.
> Dear Vishnu,
> Can you clarify this point? Are you saying that the merciful Lord
> is so capricious and partial that he would wantonly choose one
> individual to be the recipient of his grace and allow the
> "unfortunate" rest to suffer as usual?
> Mani
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