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Re: Digest Number 347

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jun 17 2001 - 18:31:29 PDT

Dear Sri Sridharan Srinivasan:

In answer to Your Question , Sri Vaishnavas 
wear on their upper body 12 ThirumaNN Kaapu , 
while uttering the 12 ThirunAmams of the Lord 
and invoke the Lord (AavAhanam) at those sites. 

Swamy Desikan has blessed us with a Tamil Prabhandham 
known as Panniru ThirunAmama to instruct us on this 
anushtAnam . He decribes in this Prabhandham the color (hue) 
of the 12 EmperumAns , their weapons, the directions that
preside over and the places in our body ,where they reside 
in the form of PuNDram ( ThirumaNN Kaappu).

Here is a quick list:

(1)Kesavan : Golden Hue; Weapons: Four Chakrams in 4 hands;
Direction: East; Position : Forehead (neRRi).

The manthram to recite while adorning this 
PuNDram on the forehead is:

"Chathusschakram NamasyAmi Kesavam Kanaka Prabham".

There are similar invocations for the rest of the 11 
ThirumaNN SthAnams.

The name Keasvan has many meanings just as you indicated.
It means the slayer of the horse named Kesi in KrishNAvathAram;
one who has beautiful Kesam ( Curly , soft bluish-black 
and beautiful hair as SourirAjan ; "Prasastha neela 
KesathvAth Kesava:" is the defenition. 

In DhvAdasa Naama SthOthram , the request to
Kesavan is to protect us in the front with His
chakram : 

"PurasthAth Kesava: Paathu CHAKRI JaamBhUnatha prabha:" 
This is a beautiful SthOthram , which glorifies
the 12 Naama Moorthis.

The wearing of the rest of the 11 ThirumaNN Kaapu 
proceeds in the follwing order:

(2) NaarAyaNan: Blue Hue; Four Conches as Weapons;
Direction : West; PuNDra SthAanam: Over the Stomach at 
the Center.

(3) Maadhavan: Indhra Neela color; Four Maces(Gadhai);
Directions ( Upper ); Chest center.

(4) Govindhan : Hue of Chandran;Weapons: Four Bows;
Direction: South; Inner neck /center.

(5) VishNu: Golden hue; Four ploughs;
Direction: West; Right side of Stomach.

(6)Madhusoodhanan: Hue of Lotus flower; Four pestles
(Ulakkai); Direction: South east; PuNDra SthAnam:
Right upper hand.

(7) Thrivikranman: Hue : Fire like; Weapon: Four Swaords;
Direction: South West; PunDRa SthAnam: Right side of Neck.

(8) Vaamanan: Hue like Baala Sooruan; Weapon: Four Vajrams;
Direction : North West; PuNDra SthAnam: Left side of Stomach.

(9) Sridharan: Hue like white Lotus; Weapon : four long
swords(PattAkkatthi);Direction: North east;
Location of PuNDram: Left Upper arm.

(10)HrushIkEsan: Color like Lightning ; Weapons: 4 Hammers;
Direction: Lower direction; Left side of the neck.

(11) PadmanAbhan: Hue Like Sooryan; Five weaons ( Chakram ,
Conch, Swaord, Bow and mace).Lower back.

(12) DhAmOdharan: Hue like rising Sun ( Pattuppoocchi);
Weapons: Four Nooses;Residence: Inside and outside of 
the body; PuNDra SthAnam: Back of the neck. 

Swamy Desikan Concludes this Prabhandham of Panniru 
ThirunAmam with the following Phala Sruthi Paasuram: 

Katthi Thiriyum KalaikaLai Vellum karutthil Vaitthup
Mutthikku Moolam yenavE Mozhintha immUnRu Naankum
Titthikkum YengaL ThiruvatthiUrarai sErpavarkkE

(Meaning): These 12 Paasurams are delectable food for
BhAgavathAs , who seek refuge (Prapatthi) at 
the sacred feet of our Lord VaradarAjan.They are 
Parama BhOgyam ( most enjoyable ) for them .Those
who wish to conquer in debate the vainglorious and 
egotistic scholars in debate and who who wish to enhance 
their Bhagavath Bhakthi should recite and understand
the meaning of these 12 Paasurams and practise them 
(put them into use during their PuNDra DhAranam ).Such
practise (anusandhAnam) will be root cause behind One's
Moksham .

I will answer your second question later.

At 11:18 AM 6/14/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear BhAgavatAs,
>Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is the significance
>of the nAma that we VaishnavAs wear (12 of em in different places).
>I have heard that it is the Bhagavad PAda and have even seen the nama drawn 
>with BhagavAn's pAda taking the place of the Nama.
>If it is indeed BhagavadpAda, why are all the vigrahAs in all
>the temples wearing their own pAda? I recently visited Srirangam
>and the Bhattar there, said it was important to take note of the
>Paaduka.  Does it signify the NAma we wear?
>Please shed some light on this.
>Sri Hari Charanam
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