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Re: Why Partha's Sarathy?

From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 00:46:32 PDT

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001 02:02:53  
 Malolan Cadambi wrote:
>> Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri writes:
>> > Now the question comes as to why Lord krishna chose Yasoda as
>> > His mother. why not vasishta's wife arundhatI or Goddess
>> > saraswatI? the answer is nirhEtuka krupA.  fotunate ar the ones
>> > on whom the gracious glances f divya dampatis fall. rest
>> > everybody is unforutnate.
>> Dear Vishnu,
>> Can you clarify this point? Are you saying that the merciful Lord
>> is so capricious and partial that he would wantonly choose one
>> individual to be the recipient of his grace and allow the
>> "unfortunate" rest to suffer as usual?
>> Mani
>This is where the cux of the question comes. Choosing Arjuna to give
>Giitopadesham was a leelai of Bhagavan. It would not be wise for us to put
>ourselves in the padhukas of emperuman trying to justify which bhakta he
>chooses to give Giitopadesham
>Best wishes,
>"Sarve Jana Sukhino bhavantu"

Dear Srimans mani and  malolan,


 I agree with sriman Malolan Kidambi that we should not investigate each and every act of Perumal. However, when we are always thinking of Him, or are in the process of getting started like in case of adiyen,
we do analyse each and every act either out of love and devotion or out of suspicion.

now, coming to nirhetuka krupA, I do not think it makes him partial from any pt of view, for the following reasons:

1. With respect to perumal:

by liberating a jeevatma, He is picking up something which is very much His own for His eternal service. so no question of impartiality.

2. With respect to a non-devotee:

a non-devotee of perumal does not recognise Him as His deliverer. so no question of impartiality for such jeeva.

3. With respect to a devotee:

A devotee is not supposed to think of perumal as consisting of several doshams like partiality. So, since everyhing is His, a devotee has to recognize His right to liberate whoever He wishes to. 

a devotee (bhakta/prapanna or even an ordinary devotee like me), how does he/she comes to the realization that Lord Srimannaryana is the upaya and upeya? only when he gets convinced about it. how does he get convinced? only by perumal's grace, routed in sevral ways including scriptures and Acharyas.

if we think for a moment that perumal's krupa is not causeless and is there for only those who do prapatti,
then that also can lead to an understanding that we can liberate ourselves by doing prapatti or follwoing the tedious bhakti marga. performance of prapatti is aslod ue to causeless mercy.

Pleas correct me if i am wrong.


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