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Re: Digest Number 348

From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 05:36:27 PDT

>Each life is a small point on an asymptote 
>tending to Sriman Narayana. Just because one
>point is slight advanced than another point
>towards the End Point, it does not mean we
>can hurt someone else in these ways. 
>"Amanitvam, Adhambitvam, Ahimsa ..."
>and so goes Githa Acharyan.

I disagree with this. first of all, aymptotes meet at infinity. this means nobody gets moksha. secondly, worshipping demigods etc. is NOT the starting point for the process of liberation. by worshipping demigods we get some material benefitsa dn it ends there. if we ask them for moksha, it is nothing but posting the letter to the wrong address.

if every life is a curve progressing toward Him, if not asymptotically, all souls should get moskha.this means there is no leela vibhuti after sometime. since our karmas are beginningless and we are associated with this world, we cannot say one day this process will end completely, which makes it semi-infinite.

the process of liberation starts with divine intervention only. so He is our means right from the beginnig.
>Ahimsa by thought is extremely important.

i fully agree with you. ahimsa, bhootadaya, indriya nigraham or control of senses  etc., are very important. Practising sriviahsnavism or any other religion without these qualities is only a show-business and is nothing but deceiving ourselves. Religion without ethics either in the community or in personal life is a big waste.
however, we get the right mind only by His grace.


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