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Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 07:50:05 PDT

Sri Mattapalli NaaTam PranathOsmi Nithyam Namaha

Dearest Friends,
Following is an email I got from Sri M.L.Srinivasan S/O Sri Mukkur 
Swamy. Im forwarding it to this group in anticipation of your 
continued interest to uphold the Sri Vaishnava sampradAyam.
With Kindest Regards
Rajagopalan, Srinivasan

Dear Sri. Srinivasan,

Thank you for the condolence message and your phone call the other 
day. It is indeed very difficult to think of this World without Sri 
Swamy. Even though He has passed away in my own hands, I still
believe he is out of station or out there somewhere and he would 
return any time.

One of the primary responsibility for us I feel would be to continue
performing all the thiruvaradhanams and special functions on Swathi 
and other Thirunakshatram days. Swamy himself had prepared a list of 
things to do for the deity on daily basis sometime back.

Based on that the devotees of Him had couple of informal meetings and 
a formal meeting on 3rd of this month. I'm herewith attaching the 
minutes of the meeting for your reference.

The monthly expenditure for the nitya thiruvardhanam comes to about 
Rs.50,000 per month. Hence it has been calculated a corpus fund of
Rs. 50 to 70 lakhs would provide us this amount in the form of 

Also The Yagna Vatica construction project will be taken up within 2 

Hence I request your goodself to kindly contribute liberally for this 
cause and also propogate this information to all the devotees over 

We're also launching a website The web site will be up in 
about two weeks which will contain photographs of many yagams, His 
discources and video clippings. This is my personal effort and we'll 
be posting continuously the events in this web site.

The name address of the Trust:

"Sri Swathi Narasimha Maha Yagna Trust"
Old No 24: New No : 34/24
Venkatesan Street
Chennai 600 017
Ph: 91 44 4353704
Fax : 91 44 4331545
Email :


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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