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Re: a ? on vaishnavism

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Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 18:38:43 PDT

But what begs my mind is the following question.

Lord Krishna in Gita clearly states that worshipping
other devaata is not going to get them the ultimate.

However, no where does Lord Krishna say do NOT
worship. Nor does He label such worshippers sinners.

Who in the world are we to label them such? Or to
ordain constraints that Sriman Narayana the one
only Principle that matters has not chosen to do!

Are we even followers to Sriman Narayana if we
assume even higher role than Sriman Narayana?

We are fundamentally negating Sriman Narayana
if we exclude anyone. 

Each life is a small point on an asymptote 
tending to Sriman Narayana. Just because one
point is slight advanced than another point
towards the End Point, it does not mean we
can hurt someone else in these ways. 
"Amanitvam, Adhambitvam, Ahimsa ..."
and so goes Githa Acharyan.

Ahimsa by thought is extremely important.

A venerable Tamil pearl says
"Theenal chutta pun arum vaieenal ..."
the essence of which is that hurtful words
can never be healed.

In summary, Sriman Narayana that I pray everyday
has not imposed any of these labels or these "later
day " restrictions. 
Not all of us Narayana Bhaktas think that worshippers
of other faiths are sinners. 
It is important for one to realize the significance
and the ultimacy of Sriman Narayana at their own
pace. Surely, everyone will reach Sriman Narayana
and that is His promise. Not mine.
Om Namo Narayana!
The One and Only Thing That Matters.
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