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3rd DIVYAPRABANDHOTSAVAM, HOUSTON, TX Friday, June 22nd to Sunday, 24th June 2001.

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Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 11:04:25 PDT

SrimathE rAmAnujAyA namaha:     Jai Srimannarayana!

Alwar Emperumanar Jeeyar Tiruvadigale Saranam.

3rd DIVYAPRABANDHOTSAVAM, HOUSTON, TX,  Friday, June 22nd to Sunday, 24th
June 2001.

Dear Devotees,

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that the 3rd  Divyaprabandhotsavam
will be held in Houston for the first time in the history of Texas, USA, from
June 22nd to 24th , 2001.

We are glad to invite you with family and friends to participate in this unique
celebration and receive the grace of Alwars and Acharyas.

This is the very rare opportunity to chant/ listen/understand/experience the
divinity in chanting the prabandhams the extracted essence of all four Vedas by
Alwars. Hence, chanting of divyaprabandham will give all the benefit of
chanting all the four Vedas. Further, it is certain to bring the prosperity not
only to those who chant, but also to those who listen to the chanting and those
who make the chanting possible.

Sri.U.Ve Sriman Vadakarai S.Venkatesan Iyengar Swamigal, the founder of Sri
Sudarsana Divyaprabandha Gnana Yagna samiti, Srirangam, will lead the chanting
and will give 28 discourses on all the 28 prabandhams. He has learned and by
hearted the entire 4000 verses of divyaprabandhams at the early age of 12 years
from K. S. Patasala at Srirangam and since then he has chanted the
prabandhams more than one thousand times. He has successfully organized
108 Sri sudarsana divyaprabandha gnana yagnas all over India, Nepal.  In
addition to that, he has conducted 252 Sri Sudarsana homams in Far East
Asia, Europe and USA.

Sri V.Iyengar has initiated conducting Divyaprabandhotsavam in USA.
He conducted the 1st Divyaprabandhotsavam at Sri Vallabha Ganapaty Temple, New
York and the 2nd one at Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Washington DC both in Nov.2000.
We are fortunate to organize the 3rd prabandhotsavam at Houston, TX. It is our
desire that he conducts 108 divyaprabanhotsavams all over USA.

The Program Schedule.

DATE        DAY     TIME           CHANTING       HOST
June 22nd   Friday  7.00-10.00PM  Tiruppallandu,Periyalwar Tirumozi. 
					Dr.Rangarajan Madabhushi 
June 23rd   Saturday 9.00-12.00AM Mudalayiram Sevai & Sattumurai.
					Dr. Rangarajan Madabhushi. 
            Saturday 1.00-6.00PM Periya Tirumozi sevai & Sattumurai.Sri
            Saturday 7.00-9.00PM Iyarppa Sevai & Sattumurai.
June 24th   Sunday 8.00-1.00PM   Tiruvaimozi Sevai. Dr. Chari Tamirisa 
            Sunday2.00-4.00PM    Sri Ramanuja Nuttandadi,Desikaprabandham,
                                 Upadesaratnamala sevai & sattumurai.
						Dr. Chari Tamirisa 
            Sunday 4.00pm        Aseervachanam & Mangalam. 


Participation in this holy event is absolutely free.  However, if any one
desire and willing to sponsor any one portion of the prabandham, in the
name of their beloved and departed family members, they can do so by
contributing the suggested amount as given below.  

28 varieties of prasadams will be offered and distributed. Devotees may prepare
any prasadam  themselves and bring it for offering. (may be sufficient to
distribute to 50 devotees.) or can sponsor it by contributing the suggested
  Prabandham Name  Prabandham Sponsorship Prasadam Sponsorship Prasadam.
01. Tiruppallandu  PeriyalwarTirumozi. $201 $51 Sweet Butter,Badamburfy. 
02. Tiruppavai & Nachiyar Tirumozi.    $101 $101 Akkaravadisal, Ven
03. Perumal Tirumozi.                  $101 $51  Panakam, Vadaparuppu. 
04. Tiruchanda Virruttam.              $101 $51  Meduvada. 
05. Tirumalai,  Tiruppalli Eluchi.     $101 $51  Murukku, Tenkulal. 
06. Amalanaadipiran.                   $51  $51  Coconut-sugar. 
07. Kanninunchiruttambu.               $51  $51  Kesaribath. 
08. Periya Tirumozi.                   $501 $201 Appam & Kalkandupongal,
							lemon rice. 
09. Eyarppa:                           $301 $201 Dosa,chenna 
10. Tiruvaimozi.                       $501 $201 Puliyodarai,Dadhyodanam,
						Kanchipuram Idly,  
11. Ramanuja Nuttandadi.	       $101 $51 Vada, ulundore. 
12. Desikaprabandham.                  $101 $101 Kadambam. 
13. Upadesaratnamala.                  $101 $101 Coconut rice, manoharam,
								& Laddu. 
14. Tiruvaimozi Nuttandadi.	       $101 $51  Mysur pagu. 


Sponsorship form

Family Name.First Name.GotramNakshatram,Prabandham sponsor $Prasadam sponsor 

TOTAL:  $ 

Please make your checks in favor of Sri Sudarsana Yagna Samiti  and send  it to
Dr. Saranathan, / Dr. Chari Tamirisa,  TX.

For further details, please contact: 
Dr.Saranathan: 281-980-4364. 
Dr.Srinivas Tamarisa: 281-242-2110, 281-242-9660. 
Mrs.Seetha Madabhushi: 281-437-2735 
Mr.Ranga Kandalam, 281-879-6395. 
Tara Narashimhan: 281-565-9483. 
Sridhar srinivasan: 281-556-1723.

Please Note: Sri Iyengar will be available at 281-437-2735 till 24th June.
Devotees may contact him for any spiritual discussion.

Jai Srimannarayana!

adiyEn rAmAnujA dAsan
Mukundan Vankipuram Pattangi

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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