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Brief Introduction

From: Ramaraj S (
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 10:38:43 PDT

sriman narayano saranam saranam prapathye
srimathe narayana namo namah
Dear friends,
I am Ramaraj born in a vaishnavite family and of age
42. I am post graduate and working in a public sector
mutual fund at bombay. 
I have initiation in to vedantic philosophy and i read
and continue to read krishna yajur veda, upanishads,
gita , Ramayana  and try to follow the footsteps of
the muktas.
I am also trying ,I do not know whether I am right ,to
have the Gitas and upanishads in the web in sanskrit,
english transiteration and meaning in english.
To the extent possible, I will try to participate in
the healthy discussions of Vaishnavite philosopy and
try to pass on as much as it is known to me. May be
together we all can make a better world
srirangam rengeswamy ramaraj

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