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Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 02:24:40 PDT

Dear Bhaktas

I have some doubts/questions regarding ramayanam. Hope
someone will clarify.

1.  When Sri Rama finished his studies and returned to
ayodhya what was his age then?

2.  After Pattabhishekam, how many years Sita was with

3.  When Sita was sent to forest again did the mothers
know about that?  Where were they?

4.  WHat happened to the mothers later on?  ie. after
pattabhishekam?  How did they attain paramapadham?

5.  Satrugna came to Ayodhi for aswametha yagam, after
that did he return to mathura? or was he with Rama
till the end?

6.  How many years Rama ruled as king (with Lava and
Kusa)after Sita's departure?

7.   I read in a book Rama along with Sita went to
Gaya for Pitru karyam?  Is that true?  When did they

8.  When we read Ramayanam or Bhagavatham after a
chapter ends Palashruti is stated (like Worldly
pleasures or destroying sins, etc.), Ramayana was
recited in Aswamethayagam by Lava and Kusa and
everybody must have heard with bhakti and devotion. 
Then why didn't Rama was united with Sita?  Why didn't
they live together after that?  

Since I want to know I put these questions.  Hope
someone will clarify.

raji sridhar 

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