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Sri KurEsar's VaradarAja Sthavam: Part I

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 18:02:49 PDT

Dear Sri VaradarAja perumAL's BhakthAs:

Some time ago , adiyEn mentioned about covering 
the most moving tribute of Sri KurEsar to
Lord VaradarAja perumAL of Kaanchi . With
prayers to Sri PerumdEvi SamEtha PeraruLALa 
PerumAL , adiyEn starts today on this sacred 
journey .

Lord VaradarAjan is Varam Tharum PerumAL. He gave
as gift RaamAnujA , Swamy Desikan to Lord RanganAthan .
He responded to the prayers of Swamy AlavandhAr 
to bless RaamAnujA to become the magnificent 
perceptor of Sri VaishNava samprahdAyam .
He received from His ThiruvAlavatta (Fan)
Kaimkaryaparar , Thirukkacchi Nambi , the magnificent
Sri DevarAjAshtakam housing the Kulakam ( a string of
five great connected slOkams).

Kaanchi PerumAL gave the MaanasIka eyes to KurEsar after 
the atrocities committed by a ChOLA king. More about it
later.He protected RaamAnujA from the evil plans of 
Yadhava prakAsA and safely brought RaamAnujA back to 
Kanchi from the terrible forest of VindhyA mountains. 
He and His divine consort partook the Saalaik KiNaRu 
Theertham brought to Them by a grateful RaamAnujA 
for their MahOpakAram .

He broke His ArchA SamAdhi to speak with Thirukkacchi Nampi 
and sent His six point reply through Nampi to RaamAnujA's
questions. Lord Varadhan was witness to the initiation
of RaamAnujA into SanyAsAsramam . He received from 
His dear Bhakthan, NadAduR AmmAL, whom He elevated
to the status of His Mother , the MangaLAsAsana SthOthram 
eulogizing Him . Glorious indeed are VaradarAjan's
generous gifts to Sri VaishNava sampradhAyam !

As a native of ThUppull , the hamlet near His
dhivya dEsam , Lord VaradarAjan received wonderous
tributes from Sri VenkatEsa GhantAvathAran ,
Swamy Desikan , who in turn was inspired by 
KurEsar's Sri VaradarAja Sthavam . The many Sri Sookthis of 
Swamy Desikan about his Ishta Dhaivam , VaradarAjan are:
(1) Hasthigiri MahAthmyam (2) Sri VaradarAja PanchAsath
(3) Dhivya Desa MangaLAsAsanam (4)NyAsa Dasakam
(5) Aadaikkala Patthu and (6) ThirucchinnamAlai.

After Swamy Desikan , Sri MaNavALa Maamuni had
the SamarpaNam of "Sri DeevarAja MangaLam ".
Most recently , Vaikunta Vaasi SevA SwamigaL 
had a sacred offering to Lord of Kaanchi known
as VaradhAbhimAna Sahasram . One of the SlOkams 
of this sahasram is a moving one eulogizing 
the Lord as Prapanna Jana samrakshakan and 
as the One , who has the Vaibhavam of keeping
bright the dheepam of Sri Vaishnava Sri :

" Prapanna jana samrakshA-DhIkshithAya Nirandharam
  Sri VaishNava SriyOtthdhIptha vaibhavAyAsthu MangaLam "

The magnificent boon giver's KshEthram is known
as Sathya Vratham ( Mey Viratham) since all the Vrathams 
observed in His KshEthram will yield immediately and quickly
the fruits . His KshEthram is also known as Kaanchipuram
( the Waist-belt or OttiyANam for the world) , Hasthigiri
and PerumAL Koil.

There are many SthOthrams and SamarpaNams by AchAryAs 
over the years . The honor of being the first in the series of 
AchArya Sri Sookthis belongs to KurEsar's Sri VaradarAja Sthavam.

In the next post , adiyEn will cover the circumstances
behind the origin of this magnificent SthOthram composed 
in presence of AchArya RaamAnujA and Lord VaradarAjan 
at His sannidhi .Thereafter , adiyEn will proceed with'
the coverage of the 101 SlOkams of this great Sthavam .
adiyEn will be following the commentaries of Sri U.Ve.VidvAn
PaiyaampAdi ChEtlUr Sri VatsAngAcchAr Swamy and add 
other quotations from Swamy Desikan's and other AchAryAL's
Sri Sookthis ,wherever appropriate.

adiyEn concludes this first posting  with the prayer of 
Vaikunta Vaasi Sri SevA SwamigaL :

KaayEna VaachA manasEndhriyair vaa
BhudhyAthmanA vaa prakruthE's svabhAvAth
KarOmi Yadhyath SAKALM Parasmai
DevAthirAjAya SamarpayAmi 

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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