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RE: JIVA & BRAMHAN - a Lecture by Dr. SMS Chari this Sunday evening

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 21:25:55 PDT

Dear Sri Raman

With your permission I am posting this on the net.  Thanks for your
appreciation.  This life  is so sapless.  There is no real happiness in
earning or spending or even leading this life somewhat like an animal.  In
such a life, it is a great boon that we get to learn some Vedanta here and

Let us learn and participate in such discussions.  Please do not take these
lectures as "pro- any vedantic system" . Everyone has an orientation and
even in my own home, my wife thinks different from me!  Only by a lively
discussion we can understand the pros and cons of different view points.  I
will convey your message to Dr. SMS chari.

He did mention that we could have gone much deeper into vedantic issues
beyond gita.  However, you know how fast an hour passes and people start
thinking about Monday and the daily routines.  We shall do more of such

One thing which is clear is, there is no substitute for " Learned Teachers".
The way they handle the questions and issues is distinctly different.  In
every lecture you learn something new.  We should show utmost respect to our

I thank every one who participated and special thanks to Smt. Nagu Satyan to
have always been there for such lectures.

Asmad gurubhyo namah.


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"Athava yoginam eva
kule bhavati dhimatam
etadd hi durlabhataram
loke janma yad idrsam"

So promised Krishna and todate He has kept
the promise with the services you all provide
including Swamin V. Sadagopan, Sri. Mani
and Sri Sudharshan and of course Scholars
including Dr. SMS Chari.

What else can I say? How else can I make
sense out of what is happening around me?

You all have generously and compassionately
cut short my
life-birth cycles by atleast a hundred.

Thank you so much and please convey this
message to Dr. SMS Chari


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