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Kind Attn : Sri Sampath

From: Vijayaraghavan Bashyam (
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 05:50:37 PDT

Sri Mattapalli Naatham Pranathosmi Nithyam Namaha

KIND ATTN : Sri Sampath

In agreement with Sri Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh's reply adiyen has compiled some quotes from " A Dialogue on Hinduism" authored by Sri V.N. Gopala Desikan published by Sri Vishishtadvaita Research Centre, Chennai.

Chapter 6

Vedas say thus :
1. There was only one Narayana, no Brahma, no Rudra
2. From His forehead, the three eyed person, having Sula is born, the four faced Brahma is born.
3. Brahma is born from Narayana, Rudra is born from Narayana
4. Brahma is Narayana, Siva ia Narayana, Indra is Narayana, The directions are Narayana, All things are Narayana
5. There is only one Divine Being - Narayana
6. Narayana is the inner soul of all beings
7. He crosses the human bondage of samsara and reaches the Paramapada of Vishnu
8. Among the devas, Agni is the lowest and Vishnu is the highest.
9. He created Brahma as before and taught Him the Vedas.
10. From the Brahma's forehead, Rudra was born.
11. The Universe is Narayana
12. Narayana is the Supreme Brahman. Narayana is the supreme truth or light. Narayana is the supreme truth or reality. Narayan is the supreme atma or Paramatma.

Itihasas / Puranas / Dharma Sastras say thus :

1. Varaha Purana : Narayana is the supreme deity. From Him were born the 4-faced Brahma and from Brahma arose Rudra
2. Mahabharata : During deluge, there is only one remaining and He is Narayana
3. Mahabharata : There is no eternal or permanent being in the world except Vasudeva
4. Harivamsa : Siva's words " Brahma is called Ka and I am called Isa. We two were boen from your limbs and hence you are called Kesava,
5.  Mahabharata: Brahma to Siva " I was born by His grace and you by His anger in one  of the earlier creations.
6. Mahabharata: Brahma Rudra and Indra together with all devas and rishis worshipped Narayan the greatest of Gods.
7. Ramayana: Rudra sacrificed all things in the Sarvamedha Yaga and also himself mentally.
8. Ramayana : THey knew Vishnu is greater ( than Siva )
9. Pancha Rathra Agama - Ahirbudhnya Samhita : Manthra Raja Pada Sthothra Siva says " Knowing that all beings of the world are you servants , since Iam also your servant I bow to you.

Thera are many more quotes from Vishnu Purana, Narada Purana, Gita, Varaha Purana, Bhagavatha, Sahasranama etc., in the book.

Apart from this, since it is mentioned in the Vedaas that Bhagavaan Narayana is the husband and all others are his consorts only. Therefore it is only logical that all the atmas be devoted to Him and Him alone. 

Nowadays people remember their birthdays, wedding days etc., and celebrate those days annualy with a lot of pomp. But how many people remember the day when they have done prapatti / bhara nyasam / atma samarpanam at the feet of their acharyas?   All one says in """""""Three years back in the month of September there was an Ekadasi. A day before that day.when it was a   Sunday........""""""""""""" Truly speaking is that not the real wedding day? Is that not the day when our atma has wedded with the Supreme Husband ??? Should we not remember that day and celebrate that day every year?

With Mattapalli and Mukkur Narahari Smaranams,
Vijayaraghavan Bashyam

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