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Self realization In Sri vaishnavam
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 07:50:42 PDT

Sri. Suresh Wrote,
""So,Atma sakshaatkara is not necessary if one adopts
prappathi towards the Lord.But,this does not mean that
knowledge of self has no place in prappathi
marga,because even a prappana has to atleast have a
theoretical knowledge of his true self and try to
abide in it to his best for it helps him in his
conduct in this world as a prappana though he might
not have a complete practical experience of the same
as the Bhakti yogi does.""

Sri VEnkata Gurave Nama:
Respected All,

I concur with what Sri.Suresh has written. Atleast for our Sampradayam,
the question of Self realization is
is not required to attain Moksha Our Poorvacharyas have stated in several
occasions that Prapatti  is the only way for samsaris
and the Lord is the Upya and Upeyam(The means and the end)

To quote from Alavandar's Stotra ratnam, he states that (Naichanusatnaham)
' I do not follow dharma correctly,,not an accomplished vedic person,and
not  even a person who could correctly perform Bakthi Yoga, As such being
a cosmic orphan, I do prapatti to you Lord.... ".

Even  Swami Pillai Lokachar has repeatedly stated the ineffectiveness of
all the margas like Karma, Jhana and Bakthi yogas when compared to

yet, the sadaka, atleast for theoretical knowledge, one  should know 5
things 1. The nature of Brahman, 2. The nature of self, 3. the correct
path to reach the Brahman 4. the impediments before he can reach him 5.
what he gains by reaching him. (Source - Parasara Bhattar)



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