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Re: Questions

From: Rajeev (
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 07:18:40 PDT

Sri Brahmantantra Swatantra Parakala Guru Paramparaayai Nama:

I have dared to comment on these questions. I stand corrected on any errors
in this posting.

| 1. How to pronounce "gam" ,

It almost sounds like "gum", with the "u" sound being very minor in length
and emphasis. One may
even pronounce a deliberate "gm".

| 2. In the following verses what and why is the differnce between
| tamasastupAre   and  tamasas parastAt
| vedAhametam purusham mahAntham Aditya varNam tamasas parastAt tam evam
| amrta iha
| ...
| vedAhametam puruSHam mahAntam | AdityavarNam tamasastu pAre | sarvANi
| roopANi vicitya dheera: | nAmAni krtvAbhivadan yadAste || 16 || ...

tamasastupAre = astu + pArE + tamas = One who is on opposite of tamas
tamasasparastaat =  One who is on the other extreme side of darkness.

pArE and parastaat: pArah is to be on the opposite of something, not just
after or beyond. It the
the other extreme, concluding limit. parastaat is to be beyond something. It
may be the case where
Verse 16 of Purusha Sukta, during the description of the ananata kalyaana
guna ganaas of Lord Naraayana,
the word pAre is used to best describe HIS LIMITLESS GUNAS (qualitatively
and quantitatively). Having
established and proclaimed that, when making reference to the same GUNAS, an
alternative word, parastaat,
may have been used. (Its meaning may be taken as, "As it has already been
mentioned/proclaimed, One who is
beyond darkness..., I KNOW HIM". )

This Purusha is beyond ignorance. That is, one who is not instructed by his
Guru and the sastras, cannot see Him. With
proper instruction and acharya anugraham, one SHALL SHED one's ignorance and
see HIM. For this, mahA vishwAsam
and absolute surrender at the feet of acharya is required of the shishya (in
form of Samaashrayanam and Bharanyaasam).

| 4. In the Sri Sukta which is correct( and I have seen both equally):
| Jaatavedo Ma maavaha or ma aavaha (mama vs ma).

ma aavaha is correct, as far as my limited knowledge goes.

Sri Hayagriva Parabrahmane Nama


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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