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Brahmotsavam at Sri Mahalakshmi temple, Boston.
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 09:11:23 PDT

Dear members,

The Brahmotsavam for Sri Lord Venkataeswara is beginning with 
Dwajarohanam today at the Boston Sri Mahalakshmi temple. We would like 
to invite all of you to come and participate. This year is specially 
exciting as a grand Garuda Vahana complete with pedestal, like you see 
typically in the temples of India, arrived last week, just in time for 
the Brahmotsavam. The Vahanam is beautiful and with pedestal is about 
5 feet in height.

Due to non-availability of all Vahanams and resources, right now the 
Brahmotsavam is celebrated in a shorter scale, with Garuda Vahanam, 
Kalyana Utsavam, ThiruthEr, Guthirai Vahanam, etc., In the past years 
we have also had TheppOtsavam and Theerthavari and I think they will 
be added this yera too.

There was a mix up of dates in my earlier post and sincere apologies 
for the same. Please refer to for complete 

This year the Garuda Vahanam is to be celebrated tomorrow, ie. 
Saturday, June 9th, around 6 pm, followed by kalyana Utsavam.
The Vahanam is very heavy and the Bhattars estimate that some 16-20 
able bodied men of appx the same height would be needed for the 
PuRappadu, aside from others needed for Kudai, etc., 
We request all those who can attend to come and participate and all 
those who can come and help in the Purappadu to please be at the 
temple on Sat at 5 p.m.

Please also inform your friends of the celebrations. 

"Govinda eRRaikkum ezhezh piravikkum unthannOdu uRROmE avOm umakkE 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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