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Shreeman S.M.S. Chari's Lectures in the East Coast

From: K. Sadananda (
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 06:28:32 PDT

For those who are interested.

Shree Krishna Kalale has provided information about the Shreeman 
S.M.S. Chari's visit to this country and his availability for 
lectures on Vedanta.

I am planning to organize the lectures in Washington Area and the 
ball is already rolling.  The lectures will be in English, around the 
second week of July.  Since he and his wife will be coming all the 
way to the East Coast, I am wondering that it is good idea to 
organize and coordinate other lectures in the East Coast around this 
time.  This will benefit lot more people and also minimize the 
expenses  involved.  Any one who wants to join me in this coordinated 
effort?  - I am looking for volunteers from the Philadelphia, 
Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Boston areas as well as south side all the 
way upto Florida.  If we can coordinate it will be more convenient 
for Shreeman Chari and lot of seekers can get benefit.  I can tell 
you one thing from my experience - it is better to listen to a 
teacher than learn from reading the books.

Hari Om!
K. Sadananda
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