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Ganesha with Thiruman

From: B.Haresh (
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 06:01:19 PDT


Dear Sri Ranganathan,

Vishvaksena is represented as a four armed deity in seated posture with Shanku and Chakram
and is considered to be the "alter ego" of Lord Narayana,In Both Vaikhanasa and Pancharatra
Agamam Sri Vishvaksena is invoked at the start of any auspicious event and most prominently
before the commencement of Brahmotsavam.He drives away all dhushta devatas before Perumal
comes on procession.Also in Thiruvaradhanam there are upacharams paid to Vishvaksena
It is important to note that he does not have an elephant face.Vishvaksena can be seen here 
on TTD homepage :

The image you are referring to is that of Sri Gajanana Azhvan who is also a Nitya Suri under the 
command of Vishvaksena and in the acharya parampara he is associated with Nathamunigal .
You may wish to clarify with the many elders on this list.



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