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RE: Reg why Arjuna was chosen?

From: Sriram Ranganathan (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 17:01:17 PDT

>Sri Balasubramaniam wrote:
>...Also it is a known fact Dharmaraja was the embodiment of all
>righteousness and good qualities outclassing
>everyone known till date. How is that he was not given this bagyam and
Partha had
>the bliss to see the great form. This is a question of inquisitiveness and
>not to offend anyone.

Perhaps, the answer lies in the (your) question itself. Keyword is
"inquistive". It was Arjuna who posed so many queries. And it was Arjuna who
really expressed his desire to see the Lord in His divine form.

Arjuna just could not accept simple answers. Lord Krishna had to explain
each and every nuance to get him (us) out of misery and depression. And yet,
Arjuna went to the point of requesting the Lord to display His divine form.
Only then, was he really convinced. Nobody in Mahabharatha, as I understand
it till now, requested Sri Krishna to show His viswaroopam.

There was one other instance, when Yashoda asked Him to open His mouth -
only to find out everything she ever wanted to!

This is just another way of looking at it.


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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