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Reg why Arjuna was chosen?
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 14:30:12 PDT

Just some not evidence based or logical thoughts on this:

I remember hearing this as being the Lord's choice as to how he would 
manifest: "Pandavarul nAn Arjunanaga iruppeN". This could be a reason.

On the other hand, from the Lord's point of view, he was going to 
deliver a message of unequalled proportions and that He intended would 
last Yugas; so the key person to whom it is delivered should be fully 
capable of receiveing it and the timing has to be great as well.

Gauravas considered defeating Arjuna was equal to defeating the 
Pandavas and in more ways than one, rightfully so. An unparalleled 
archer and a person of great valour and is so depicted throughout 
Mahabharatha. And to top it he did great penance and obtained Asthrams 
of unmatched strength from several Gods.

As much as all the Pandavas are supposed to be equal in their might and 
training in the arts of the war, Dharma was considered an embodiment of 
goodwill and as such easily susceptible to render kindness; which is 
not what anyone was looking for in the war. 

With Arjuna being the main traget of the Mahabharatha war and the 
moment being just minutes before the start of the epic war, Arjuna 
seems to lose focus; what better moment than this to deliver His 
everlasting message through Arjuna to the entire world?

If it was delivered to Dharma, Bheema, Nakula or Sahadeva, the impact 
would have been less, as the story of the characters exist today. If He 
indeed wanted to deliver it to one of the others, then now we would 
have more valour related glories of that chosen one; which also would 
have been by His design.

It is not that the others were less devout to Him. In fcat, in one 
story it goes to say that Krishna couldnot move from His position as 
Nakula was in deep Dhyana and had captured the Lord in His thoughts!

For His great utterances frrm the "sempavaLa vaay" (refer to Nacciyar 
Thirumozhi" where Andal extols the virtues of the splendour of his 
lips), shouldn't everything, the timing, the person, the audience and 
the question that evokes that great answer, etc., be perfect.

At no other time in Mahabharatha were the great Acharyas of both sides 
(Pandavas as well as Kauravas) were in attendance; it is said that 
Hanumar was waiting for this moment in Arjuna's flag. And when the 
Gandibham was sounded, all the devas are supposed to have showered 
their blessings and thus in attendance as that signaled the end of the 
great injustice for that Yuga!

In fact, Drona sends an arrow to the feet of the Lord before beginning 
the war! and so on.

Digressing a little, a lot has been said about the Mhasamprokshanam of 
the Lord Ranganatha temple. It was indeed a great Blessing to witness 
the event and to wonder at the monumental work that had culminated to 
that point.

Please visit the temple if you have not, the first 45 d are considered 
v special and recive His Blessings.

Today at Sri Mahalakshmi temple, we are very glad to start this yer's 
Brahmotsavam, with a real life size (like in India), garuda Vahanam.

Dwajarohanam today

Garuda Vahanam (evng 6 pm) followed by kalyanam tomorrow 6/8/01
ThiruthEr -6/9/01
Guthirai Vahanam -6/10/01
Theppotsavam 6-11 or 6/12.
Theerthavari - again not sure of the exact date 6/12 or 6/13.

Those of you within driving distance of this temple, please come and 
witness the beautiful decorations and utsavams.

adiyomodum ninnOdum perivinRi ayiram pallaNdu......

Vaidehi V Raja

ps: It was a pleasant surprise for me to realize that the Bhakti list 
was started some 7 years. I was a student at Gainesville, Miss vaidehi 
Venkatakrishnan then, I am now Mrs. Vaidehi Raja (Krishnasamy)


Mr. Chaithanya Balasubramaniam wrote -

                      >>>I had been wondering for quite sometime 
regarding our all benevolent Lord
                      acting as a charioteer to Arjuna, his dear 
disciple and also giving him the
                      Viswaroopa Darsan along with the Bagavad Gita 
upadesam. It has been
                      mentioned in many religious texts that our God is 
dearest to his best and most
                      sincere devotees. Also it is a known fact 
Dharmaraja was the embodiment of all
                      righteousness and good qualities outclassing 
everyone known till date. How is
                      that he was not given this bagyam and Partha had 
the bliss to see the great
                      form. This is a question of inquisitiveness and 
not to offend

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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