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Re: Srivaishnava lakshNam

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Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 19:16:20 PDT

Sriman Madhavakkannan

Thank you for a wonderful summary.

This one is for daily reading.

Adiyen, however is little confused by the following
(5) The only heinous and unpardonable sins which will
nullify the 
effects of 
Prapatti are:

(b) Adherence to deities other than Bhagavan.
Why would this be a sin?

Rudranam Sankaras c'asmi
--Gita 10.23
Certainly it is not efficient. But sin?
May be the poor athma is not ready for prappatti
but does it become sin?
Is it not one's inability to distinguish
and completely contemplate on "purushothama".

Furthermore, Sriman Narayana out of infinite
compassion for those of who are fickle 
minded and not steadfast, enunciates
the results of worshipping other deities
in Gita 7.20-7.23.

Surely, not being singularly contemplative
of Sriman Narayana and not saturating 
ones thoughts with Sriman Narayana
is contradictory to "prappatti".

But please help me understand why 
worship would be prohibited or become sin?
Who is the looser? One who is distracted

Thank you
Anandavalli Dasan

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