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Re: aatma saakshaatkaaram

From: Ramanan Rajagopalan (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 14:19:12 PDT

Dear Sri.Sadananda:

Pranams! Eventhough you posted a question, there was so much of 
information in your email. First of all,I need to thank you for 
this valuable topic. 
I also live in tri-state area. Eventhough, I am ignorant of 
many things, what I hear from learned people like you is that 
paramporul that has been described by vedas cannot be perceived 
by us. I also have heard that whatever the concept of vedas 
that is applicable to us is also applicable to all other things
(including living and non-living).

Eventhough, I cannot quote the verse, I remember the meaning of 
one IshaVasyaupanishad, saying your path is enlightened if you 
proceed in line with your enquiries, and your previous knowledge
by continuing to study the scriptures rather than get struck in 
the conclusion(which may lead to darkness).

The way of arriving at a conclusion after framing hypothesis is 
what I consider as philosophy(rather than science), which 
inculcates learning scriptures. Disciplined way of leading a 
life to realize(atleast try to) the paramporul is what is 
Religion, which is taught by our Acharyan.

Thanks very much for your time,

Hope this may not be a bad input in your topic of discussion.

I apologize if I have used wrong words in the context(I am 
still in the learning ladder)

Best Regards,
Ramanan Rajagopalan
iruppidam vaikundham vEnkatam * mAlirunchOlaiyennum
poruppidam mAyanuk enbar nallOr * avai thannodum van
thiruppidam mAyan irAmAnusan manathinRavan van
thiruppidam * enRan idhayaththuLLE thanakkinpuRavE.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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