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Hosting New Web sites
Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 10:59:57 PDT

Sri Mattapalli Nadham PranathOsmi Nithyam Namaha

Dearest Friends,

 We are seeing an ever increasing number of new sites hosted on
free webservers created by Bhagavathas worldwide. The zeal to share 
their knowledge and spread the splendours of the sampradAyam is
indeed laudable. However, care should be taken while selecting the 
freeservers. Almost all of them have inline advt. banners in them. 
Some of these advts. are inappropriate to the content we are posting. 
Companies like Yahoo follow some rules on not inlining advts. not 
relevant to the category of egroup. Some others open up advts. on new 

So before choosing the server, we should take some care to
investigate their advt. practices.

With Kindest Regards

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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