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Sri Ranganatha Temple mahA SamprOkashNam

From: Melma Raghavan (
Date: Fri Jun 01 2001 - 15:37:01 PDT

The Bhakthakotis in this part of the world are still basking in the glory,
radiating in all its splendour, from the Lord Ranganatha temple in Pomona,
New York,.  The consecration of the temple performed with religious fervour
and gaiety on 27 May is permanently glued in our minds.

The entire complex wore a festive look during the five-day long
celebrations punctuated by elaborate religious rites mandated by
scriptures/shastras as a prelude to the Mahasamprokshanam.  The
meticulousness with which the team of highly qualified and experienced
priests accomplished their responsibilities deserves special mention and

The one and the only temple of its kind in this part of the world, truly it
is a 'Divyadesam' for us and we are fortunate to have this exclusive temple
for Sri Vaishnavas with Sannidhis for the leading incarnations of Sriman
Narayanan.  The presiding deity Lord Ranganatha surrounded by Alwars and
Acharyas in the inner sanctorum is flanked, apart from his consort Tayar,
on either side by:

    'Aranganarku Tuzhai Malai Mudi Shoodi Kodutta' Kodai (Andal);
    'Angu Appozhude Veeyattonniya Singappiran' (Lord Narasimha);
    'Chara Charangali Vaigundattetriya' Ramabiran (Lord Rama);
    'Mannin Baaram Neekkudarke Vada Madurai Piranda'  Kannabiran (Lord
Krishna); and
    'Nigaril Amarar Munikkanangal Virumbum Tiruvengattan' (Lord

The ever obliging Garutman facing Lord Ranganatha blesses the devotees at
the entrance.

The imposing Moola Vigrahas and the attractive Utsava Moorthies in the
company of the Azhwars and Acharyas captivated the devotees who thronged to
this place from all corners of this vast country.  Immediately after the
'Periya Tirumanjanam' on Saturday (26 May), all the Sannidhis with the
decorated idols instantly wove the magical bond of intimacy with the
devotees.  Possessiveness peaks at the point of infatuation and it is no
wonder many Bhagavathas are calling it 'our temple' 'our Ranganatha' 'our
Perumal' etc., in their despatches.
Many of our faculties are still drenched in the richness of the
'vaibhavam'.  To cite some:

(a)  Events are repeatedly recollected by the 'Mind';
(b)  Experience consistently sweetens the 'Heart';
(c)  Veda Prayanam, Prabhanda Ghosti and the recital of Stotrams ring in
the 'Ears;
(d)  Divya Vigrahas fill the 'Eyes'; and
(e)  Divine smoke emanating from the 'Homa Kundams' and the flavour of a
typical temple precincts (both
     inside and outside) engage our 'Nose'.

Lord Ranganatha was so pleased that Varuna Bhagawan constantly showered his
blessings throughout the celebrations.  A shower during a Samprokshanam is
deemed an auspicious omen.  We not only witnessed this but also saw that it
stopped in time for the Vimanabishekam at the designated hour on 27 May
morning which is a tribute to the devotion and dedication of the Bhakthas
who were instrumental in this project.  Subsequently,  Messrs Seshagopalan
and Malladi Brothers rendered apt krithis in front of the majestic
Ranganatha Sannidhi further embellishing the occasion.  Later, the
helicopter showered petals augmenting the fragrance.

Indeed an absolutely 'memorable event' during the memorial day week-end.

Azhagiyasingar Tiruvadigale Saranam

Melma Raghavan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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