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Editorial of SriRangaSri Vol.2.04 d/06/02/01

From: Ram Anbil (
Date: Fri Jun 01 2001 - 19:32:05 PDT

SrIman! SrI Ranga Sriyam anubadravam anudhinam samvardhaya/
SrIman! SrI Ranga Sriyam anubadravam anudhinam samvardhaya//
KAvEri VardhathAm kAlE, kAlE varshathu vAsava:/
SrI RanganAthO jayathu SrI Ranga SrIs cha VardhathAm//  
   SRI RANGA SRI VOL. 2 / 04 DATED 2nd June 2001
In this Issue:
1. SRIBHASYAMRUTHAM: A brief summary of Adhikaranams 54 to 60 of Adhyayam 1 
(Paadam 3) of Sri Bhashyam based on “Sukha Bodhini” by Sri Purisai Nadadur 
Krishnamachariar Swami, Editor & publisher of “Nrisimhapriya”, “Sri Bhashya 
Saaram” by Sri T.S. Rajagopalan Swami (and published by Azhwargal Amudha 
Nilayam) and  “Sri Bhashya Saaraswaathinee” by Vaikuntavasi Vidwan 
Tirupputkuzhi Narasimha Tatachariar Swami of Sri Hayagriva Vidya Peetam, 
2. GITAMRUTHAM: The “Parama Saaram” of Adhyayam 1 of Bhagavad Gita (Arjuna 
Vishaada yogam) as per Vaikuntavasi U. Ve. Vidwan Saarasaarjna Tirukkallam 
Narasimha Raghava Chariar Swami.
3. “LEARN OUR TRADITION THE EASY WAY”- Sampradaya lessons for kids for Grade 
2 - Lesson 3 “Tradition”” written in Tamil by Desika Bhakta Ratnam, U. Ve. 
Seva Srinivasa Raghavachariar Swami under his “Jayamangala Paada Thittam” 
and translated by Sri M.K.Srinivasan Swami of Vedanta Desika Research 
Center, Chennai.
By Sri M.R.Rajagopala Iyengar Swami.
{Note: Many of you may know that the Swami made a faithful English 
translation of Swami Desika’s “Srimad Rahasya Traya Saaram”. But, many may 
not know that he is the maternal grandfather of Smt. Vaidehi, wife of Sri 
Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan Swami of Buffalo, who hosted the first ever Sri 
Vaishnava Conference under the auspices of Swami Desika Darsana Satsangam in 
December 1996 and who is a member of
“Sri Ranga Sri” journal}
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Anbil Ramaswamy
Editor & Publisher
“Sri Ranga Sri’

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