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Response to posting "Sravanam at Thoopul"

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 14:01:33 PDT

Dear Bhakthas,

Your response to adiyen’s posting on “Sravanam at Thoopul” has been quite 
moving and overwhelming. That a “matter of fact” and “mundane” posting could 
mean so much to so many is indeed remarkable. This only underscores the 
member’s devotion & bhakthi for Lord Deepa Prakasha & “Our Thoopul Pillai – 

I am an ardent devotee of Lord Venkatanatha of Tirumala. Infact I develop 
some kind  of a restlessness if I do not visit Tirupathi atleast once in 3 
months. I feel that I derive tremendous spiritual and mental strength by 
merely standing before “Kaliyuga Varadan” (even if for a few seconds).. My 
visit to Thoopul was quite recent and that too only after
7-8 attempts. The day I first went to Thoopul, there was something happening 
within me. I felt that I must “adopt” this temple & do something for it. May 
be I was being quite presumptuous and arrogant, but I still keep wondering 
if this had anything to do with Thoopul’s “Ghantavatharam” connection, 
besides Vilakkoili Perumal being regarded as “elder” to Lord Srinivasa.

It is my sincere desire that as many Srivaishnava Bhakthas as possible must 
visit this temple. So if you have any    relations or friends visiting 
Kancheepuram or Chennai, “PLEASE”, “PLEASE” ask them to visit this D.D. 
Thoopul’s Kulamani needs no introduction. Desika refers to “Deepa Prakasa” 
as “Vedanta Vedyamiha Veghavathi Sameepe', DEEPAPRAKASA ITHI DAIVAM 

To answer some of the Bhaktha’s  quries:
1)The Sravanam at Thoopul on 21/6, was my first “Sravanam” at Thoopul.. By 
Deepaprakasha’s and Acharyan’s grace I would love to be there for every 
2)The groups from Bangalore and Chennai on 21/6 were improptu. However
“Sravanam Visits” to Thoopul can be better organized if “Numbers” are 
available “regularly”.
3)If any member’s relative desires to come to Thoopul for any Sravanam and 
if they feel  that they would require some assistance, please ask them to 
contact me on my e-mail address. I will do whatever little I can do to make 
their visit comfortable & fruitful.
4)If any member/member’s relatives want to undertake “Kainkaryam” for
“Sravanam” or even for “Nithya Aradhanam” please inform me. I shall 
co-ordinate for making necessary arrangements for the same.
5)I would have no objection whatsoever on my posting “Sravanam at Thoopul” 
being circulated to member’s friends or relatives.


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