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Re: kapAla-mOksham

From: Chandrasekaran Venkatraman (
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 12:44:26 PDT

Dear Bhagawathas,
   I have a doubt regarding annapUrnI of vArANasi. I have come across
atleast two instances of slOkAs/compositions on Sri annapUrNI which
connotes that the dEvi is Sri pArvathi. Please don't mistake me. I am
not trying to start an argument in this regard. This is just an 
attempt to clear my long doubt. One instance is the slOkA which goes
as "annapUrNE sadhA pUrNE Sankhara prANa vallabhE ....." and ends as
"bhikshAm dhEhI cha pArvathI mAtha" ...
Another instance is a dIkshitar krithi in sAma rAgam.
The anupallavi vAkhyam goes as "pannagAbharaNa rAgni purANi 
paramESwari viSwESwari bhAskari" and charaNam ends as "guruguha 
sAdharE".. May be knowledgeable members can comment on the inner
meanings behind these two instances.

   Thanks for your understanding.

--- In, Tssundararajan@a... wrote:
> The gesture of Sri ananta-padmanAbha-p-perumAL patting the 'lingam' 
> representation of  rudra-dEva is explained in the ' tiru-vAi-
mozhi ' decad (" 
> keDum iDAr Aya-vellAm kESavA enna !") . The episode ( ' 
aitihyam ' ) is 
> narrated in extenso in the padma-purANam.  
> As it goes, rudra-dEva had, in rage, yanked off one of the heads of 
> brahma-dEva and forthwith caught the ' fratricide' curse of ' 
brahma-hatyA '. 
>       The skull ( ' brahma-kapAlam ' ) stuck to his hand and Sri 
kESava got 
> Sri-dEvi to drop alms of rice into the skull, and the skull fell 
off, thus 
> ending the agony of rudra-dEva.  
> The Lord's grace was manifested in vAraNAsi, where there is a not-
> shrine dedicated to Sri kESava, and where Sri-dEvi is known as ' 
> anna-pooraNee '.   The spot where the skull dropped off is known 
> to-day) as ' kapAl-mOksh ' ghAT in vAraNAsi.   AzhvAr has recalled 
> episode in the lines
> "kumaranAr tAtai-tunnbam tuDaitta emm gOvindanArE !"  and
> "kapAla-nan-mOkkattu-k kaNDu-koNminn !"
> This episode is also commemorated in the name of the Lord, 
> hara-SApa-mOchana-p-perumAL in tiru-viNNARRan-karai in the 
outskirts of 
> tanjAvUr, a corruption of the Tamil word ' tanjam ' (= refuge) 
granted to 
> rudra-dEva.   The tAyAr  is named ' tanjam ' .
> aDiyEn rAmAnuja-dAsan, tirumanjanam Sundara Rajan.
> Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 20:16:56 -0000
>    From: DeeMurali@y...
> Subject: Anantha Padhmanabha Swamy
> Devareer,
> I need clarification from the learned Bhavathals of this sadhas 
regarding the 
> statue of Lingam found under the palm of Sri Anantha Padhmanabha 
> moorthis. What is the aidheeham behind it?
> Adiyen,
> Muralidharan Desikachari.

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