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The Coming AaDip Pooram : ANDAL"s Thirunakshathram: Some assoicated thoughts

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 19:57:47 PDT

Dear BhagavathALs:

adiyEn wants to share with you some thoughts on 
the occasion of the coming AaDip Pooram celebrations .
These thoughts arose after receiving the first volume of
SribhAshya -BhAvachandrika ,the elaborate Sanskrit 
Commentary by Sri U.Ve.Perukkaranai MaadhabhUshi 
ChakravarthAchArya Swami on the magnum opus of 
AchArya RaamAnujA , Sri BhAshyam.

The  first volume covers upto the VaisvAnarAdikaraNam
(1.2.33) of Sri BhAshyam and runs upto 550 pages of
Udayavar's Text and commentary by Swami . It has been said that
Bhagavath RaamAnujA placed the greatest emphasis on the proper
and clear understanding of his Major work, Sri BhAshyam.
He placed his great emphasis on the intrepretation of 
Sri BhAshyam in the traditional way .The underlying
assumption is that the straying away from the traditional
intrepretations is bound to park us in the land of 
blunders and make us flounder . This has been the 
reason why Sri Sudarana Soori gave us the traditional
intrepretation of NadAthUr ammAL in the form of
Srutha PrakAsikA . Swamy Desikan protected that grantham
and carried it with him to Sathyamangalam during the dangerous
times of the invasion of Srirangam by Muslim invaders . 
Great AchAryAs have treasured these traditional 
intrepretations of Sri BhAshyam and passed it on to
the next generations faithfully . 

Sri P.M. ChakravathyAcchAr Swamy performed KaalakshEpam
under the great 42nd Jeeyar of AhObila matam (Sri Ranga-
SatakOpa Yathidhra MahaaDesikan ) and wrote down the notes 
and read it back for approval on correctness next day.
Out of these enormous efforts spanning over six years,  
and from his deep scholarship of Swami in TarkA , 
MeemAmsA, NyAyam , Dhivya Prabhandhams and
AagamAs arose this commentary . Our Swami has received 
the title of "Saara Saaraj~nA " from the revered HH. the 42nd
Jeeyar . This title recognizes our Swami as "The commander
of Quintessential Knowledge " . One can not but be astounded 
at the appropriatenes of this title , when one begins to 
read the commentary of Swamy. The modesty of Swami is
recognized from his signature at the end of the introduction as
"BhAgavatha Jana VidhEya:"  It is wonderful to read 
the recent posting by Sri Anand on the celebration of 
release of thisd great monograph in presence of 
well revered Sri Vaishnavite Scholars. The title 
conferred by Sri SevA SwamigaL on Sri PerukkaruNai Swamy 
(Abhinava Sudarsana Soori )on that occasion is 
very appropriate .

AdiyEn is thrilled to hear form my sister , who visits 
Swamy's residence at Desika Bhavanam often that Swamy has
a 500 page manuscript on the 30 Pasurams of ThiruppAvai 
of our ThAyAr , Sri ANDAL . AdiyEn understands that it 
is a tour de force on the elaboration of the deeper 
meanings of ANDAL's great prabhandham .

As an aside, AdiyEn also learned that my father performed 
Srimath Rahasya Thraya grantha KaalakshEpam under 
Swamy at Oppiliappan Sannidhi over  a period of two months 
prior to his BharanyAsam under the sacred feet of HH 
the 44th Jeeyar. It has been prescribed that the kramam is 
to have KaalakshEpam of atleast one of the prasthAna Thrayam 
before approaching one's SadAchAryan for Prapatthi anushtAnam .
Swamy Stayed at our house in Oppiliappan Sannadhi 
for those two months and blessed my father .  

ThiruppAvai is dear to all of us . This particular 
commentary by Swamy running to 500 pages must be 
the distillation of all PoorvAchAryAL's works and 
the special insights of Swamy himself.AdiyEn is
told that this monograph has been waiting for
publication for lack of funds (1.25 Lakhs rupees 
for 500 copies = $2,840 ) for quite some time. 

AdiyEn wishes to invite your attention to the rare 
opportunity of printing and releasing this rare
book in manuscript form for all Sri VaishNavAs 
to enjoy the deep meanings of our ThAyAr's
ThiruppAvai Paasurams and the SaraNAgathi Saasthram 
that She instructed us about .

AdiyEn will commit half of the needed amount ($1,420)
and invites others to join in supporting this Kaimkaryam
as our SamarpaNam to GodhA PirAtti on the occasion of
Her Thirunakshathram of Aadip Pooram . AdiyEn will 
match your support until we reach the $2,840 level.
AdiyEn is told that the printing can be done in a week
from the print-ready manuscript . Every contributor
will  receive one copy of the Book and their names 
will be recorded in a special page to acknowledge 
their support . 

BhakthAs in India can send their contributions directly 
to Swamy at his  address :

Sri U.Ve.P.M.ChakravarthyAcchAr Swamy
Shri VedAntha Desika Bhavanam
27 venkatEsa AgrahAram
Chennai, India 600 004 

BhakthAs from Singapore can also send their 
contributions through Shri MaadhavakkaNNan 
Swamy. AdiyEn hopes Sri MahdavakkaNNan 
would not mind being the focal point there.

Please let me know of your support so that adiyEn
can keep track of it for matching purposes.

BhakthAs from USA and other parts of the world can 
send your support dollars to adiyEn so that the collected
amounts can be transmitted to Swamy to facilitate
the printing of this noble and scholarly work.

Please let me know of your interest in
participating in the release of the deep
and traditional commentary on ThiruppAvai.

Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan

P.S : AdiyEn would like to invite your attention 
to the many introductory articles on ANDAL's
ThiruppAvai assembled in Bhakthi archives 
(Dec 96, Jan 97) and Sri VaishNavA home pages 
in the section entitled Alwars. Sri Rengarajan 
and Sri Mani Varadarajan have also contributed 
number of articles on ThiruppAvai. Please refer to them .
Sri Venkat Iyengar's Home pages on SrivilliputthUr 
and Srimathi KalyANi KrishNamAchAri's postings on ANDAL's 
other Prabhandham, Sri NaacchiyAr Thirumozhi are additional 
source materials to reflect upon the glory of ANDAL's 
mahitha-prabhnadhams .


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