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Periya Thirumozhi 9.4- "PullaaNi Emperumaan poi kEttirundhEnE.. "

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 05:25:39 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thirumangai AzhwAr (Parakala nAyaki) started off for ThiruppullaaNi, 
describing its greatness and that of Emperumaan at that sthalam. She now 
finds herself not able to reach and gets into viraha thaapam- suffers from 
pangs of separation. She sends the messengers instead for the Lord to help 
her, ignoring and brushing aside the relatives' words.

1. "paavaay! idhu namakkOr paanmaiyE agaadhE!"- Oh my dear friend! This 
husky voice of these cute birds (anRil) residing in this dense garden, 
torments me more than that of the sharp spear on the wounds, that has 
already been caused by manmathan's arrow. Alas! I longed and desired to pay 
my obeisance to ThiruppullaaNi by reaching there. It has almost become my 
nature to long like this, without being able to reach! Also not being able 
to even wait and endure until He comes to save us..

2. Oh "ponna~nkazhi" (cranes?) birds, the ones who loiter with your long 
legs in the shores of the ocean! That day, he appeared as short Vaamanan and 
begged for three measures of His Feet, measured the whole Universe. I have 
been simply flabbergasted and haunted by His such wonderful acts. He has 
driven me completely crazee. I am suffering from "pasalai" disease (the 
pangs of separation). Please go and tell this to Emperumaan of 
ThiruppullaaNi, who appeared as Swan (Hamsam) to save Vedas. (He appeared to 
save Vedas and now He does not appear to save me.)

3. My heart, that caught hold of the corner of that fragrant garden on his 
Chest, has left me and gone with Him. Does it not know that I can not live 
without the heart? I paid my obeisance to ThirupullaaNi (towards that 
direction). Please go and inform my mind to that MOST CHARMING Emperumaan 
who has the Divine Bow in his resplendent Hand.

4.  Swami- the One effortlessly tore ths strong Chest of HiraNyan, (who had 
ammased his strength and pride with the boon that he had obtained) with his 
sharp nails, appearing as Lord Narasingan. why does He not bless me with his 
krupA? I folded my hands and paid obeisance to Emperumaan of ThiruppullaaNi. 
In those flower like eyes of mine, the tears well; around that slender 
waist, the beautiful dress does not stay.

5. "PullaaNi Emperumaan poi kEttirundhEnE.. " (I have only heard now of His 
lies..!) All my relatives come and tell me.."You should have listened to us. 
You listened to Him. We spoke truth; He has become a liar. ". "Okay. I will 
now listen to you all. But, only after getting my heart back that had gone 
behind Him." says Parakala Nayaki. (vallaaLan pin pOna nenjam varumaLavum..) 
Though all of them talk about me, I am still trusting that "Great liar (of 
ThirupullaaNi Emperumaan's)'s words and am living with a (faint?) hope.

6. The Sun, who revolves around that mEru mountain with those hot, bright 
rays, has also gone down and disappeared into the horizon. That cool moon 
also tortures me with her rays, scorching my body. alas! I paid my obeisance 
to Empeumaan. But, I lost my fair wheatish complexion of my body, which has 
become pale; I have lost my bangles.

7. "kanaiyaar idikuralin kaarmaNiyin naa aadal.. The never ceasing continual 
twang and movement of the dark bell's tongue, tied to the neck of that bull, 
which shouts like thunder, tortures me at all times, like the scorching 
flames of fire. I paid my obeisance to ThiruppullaaNi Divya Desam, which is 
full of tall beautiful buildings. On me, even the waves from the ocean, 
throw the fiery sparks. (due to the pangs of separation from the Lord..)

8. SarvEshwaran- The One who reclines and has His Yoga nithrA on 
ThiruvananthAzhwAn- the One who is strong and who broke the strong ivory 
tusk of Kuvalayaapetam elephant; the One who blessed me with his grace for 
enabling me to pay obeisance to ThiruppullaaNi. Now, even this cool, 
crescent moon also torments me with its rays, that are like fire to me (in 
this viraha thaapam)

9. Vedas- the yaagams that are stipulated in Vedas- the swargam (heaven) 
that is attainable by the performance of such yaagams- The Sun and the Moon 
that shower their rays and light the worlds to dispel the darkness- - The 
Cause and Nirvaahakan of all of them- Emperumaan Sriya: Pathih Sriman 
Narayanan- what did He do to me? Nothing. I paid my obeisance to 
ThiruppullaaNi, surrounded by "Punnai" trees and what is the use?- I have 
not been able to sleep along with these oceanic waves. (Odhamum naanum 
uRangaadhu irundhEnE)

10. This ten is on the Emperumaan of ThiruppullaaNi. Its meaning: The women, 
who suffered from languishing for this Emperumaan due to their intense 
desire on Him.- the composer: AzhwAr whose shoulders are like stone, so 
strong. The readers of this ten: They will be the kings on this world and 
rule them, before being blessed to rule the Paramapadham too.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana
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