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Re: name during abhivAdanam

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 12:19:34 PDT

> Which are the names which should be addressed differently 
> while saying Abivadaye. 
> My sons name is Manavalan. Can he say 'Manavala sarmanaha 
> aham'. 

Hi Sri Ramanujan,

The only consideration is that your name be the one
given during the nAmakaraNam, and that it be in Sanskrit,
since the abhivAdana is said in Sanskrit.

To illustrate, I know a person who goes by the common name
"bAlAji", but whose nAmakaraNa name is "pakshirAjan",
a descriptive epithet of Garudaazhvaar.  "bAlAji" is
not in Sanskrit nor is it strictly speaking
his given name, so he says "pakshirAja-Sarma" 
during his abhivAdanam.

If your name is "maNavALan", it is presumably short
for "azhagiya maNavALan", a name for Lord Ranganatha
meaning "handsome bridegroom".  You can substitute
either "ramya-jAmAtar-SarmA" or "saumya-jAmAtar-SarmA"
since this is the Sanskrit equivalent for your name.
The best option is to ask your parents what your
nAmakaraNa name is, assuming you have one, and use
that -- but in practice the above two equivalents
will work just fine.


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