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"Sri Vedanta Desika Vijayam" - a sanskrit drama- Press report from The Indian Express

From: Rangachari Achutharaman (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 00:32:07 PDT


Dear Sri Vaishnavas,

Here is the news about "Sri Vedantha Desika Vijayam" - a sanskrit
drama staged
by Sri.M.V.Anandapadmanabhan, editor of Sriranga Sadajit Krupa tamil
on 18th June at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, T.Nagar, Madras. Few weeks
back Sri.
Madavakkannan has send out a mail about this program on the
bhakthi-list. So,
hope you all might remember this event. Sri. Anand karalappakkam had a
bhakgyam to enjoy this drama on the stage, So, he may like to add his
lovely comments on this...

Here is the news about this drama which got published in "The Indian
one of the famous newspapers in India. Please read on...

    "Sri Vedantha Desika Vijayam" - A sanskrit play 
The great Srivaishnava polymath, Acharya Nigamantha Mahadesika
(1268-1379 AD),
author of more than 100 works in three languages, Sanskrit, Tamil and
Prakritham, led a glorious life spread over a century and consolidated
the Visishtadvaita philosophy of Sri Ramanuja. Sri Vedanta Desika
Vijayam, a
two-hour play in Sanskrit, staged at Sri Krishna Gana sabha, Chennai,
Sunday (18th June) brought into sharp focus all the essential features
Desika's life and achievements. Staged by Sri Ranga Shatajith Krupa,
organisation devoted to philosophies through the medium of Tamil and
the play was most impressive and spectacular. The piece-de-resistance
of the
play were true to life festival processions of the Lords of Kanchi and
Rangam, the swarna vrishti (shower of gold coins) caused by the hymn
Sthuthi and the cascading of water from a pillar that quelled
sorcerer) into abject submission.

Playwright MV. Ananthapadmanabhan, a very young noted Sanskrit scholar
produced this play with missionary zeal which deserves warm
approbation. His
dream is to take this play both around the country and the world. He
plans to
stage a spectacular play in Tamil that will take you to a tour of the
Vaishnavaite Divya Desams for a continuos 52 hours - hoping for a
record (in the process). Rangarajan and AIR artiste Janaki Ramanujam
supportive mellifluous music, consistent with the thematic content of
the play.
More than 800 witnessed the play, which by itself is a valid
certificate of



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