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Re: "Sravanam" at Thoopul

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 05:05:32 PDT

Dear Shri Lakshmi Narayanan:

I was very happy to read your report on Sravanam at Thoopul.  Please keep up 
this wonderful enthusiasm and community spirit.  I am sure your example will 

Buffalo, NY

>From: "lakshminarayan krishnaswamy" <>
>Subject: "Sravanam" at Thoopul

>The most auspicious day of Sravanam fell on 21.6.2000. On this day the
>"Tirumanjanam" for Vilakkoli Perumal and Desikan was organised. About 8 of 
> >us from Bangalore and 13 others from Chennai arrived at the Divya Desam @ 
>10 >am. The Tirumanjanam proceedings commenced at 10.30 am.
>The Utsava moorties of Perumal along with ubhaya nachiars as also those of
>Desika, were brought into the mandapam in Desikan's Sannidhi. The
>Tirumanjanam rituals began in all earnestness and took about an hour and a
>half to complete.

>(c) About 4 bhakthas had come forward to sponsor Thirumanjanam on months
>when no sponsors were currently available.
>Even as we left Thoopul at 2.30 pm, the resplendent images of Vilakkoli
>Perumal along with His consorts, & Desikan, all whom were bedecked in new
>vastrams and in the most fragrant flowers, were etched in our memories. The
>satisfaction in the face of all the bhakthas who had assembled there as 
>those of the "bhattars" was indeed quite gratifying.
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