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Visishtadvaita research centre in Chennai or Bangalore

From: kmahesh (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 02:01:15 PDT

SrI KrsnAya namah

Dear vaisnavAs, 


Can any of you give me the address of visistAdvaita research centre in
chennai or Bangalore.

I would like to buy some basics books on srI vaisnavism. 

Any other places in chennai or bangalore where I can get the following

1.	Vaisnavism - Its philosophy, theology and religious descipline By SM
Srinivasa chari, Motilal Banarasi das
2.	A Dialogue on Hinduism by V N Gopalan Desikan.
3.	The Way and the Goal by Dr. Vasudha Narayanan.

( these are not available in amazon and rediff ) 

Thank you in advAnce for your help

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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