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Changes on AdiyEn sign-offs on my postings

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 19:36:45 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

adiyEn would like to share with you why adiyEn
was given the name "SatakOpan " by my parents.

The NaamakaraNam : At the very beginning
AdiyEn's father gave me the sacred name of 
SatakOpan -however undeservedly -in view of 
the fact that adiyEn was born in kEttai (JyEshtA)
Nakshathram , which is the Thirunakshathram of 
Sri Adhi VaNN SatakOpan , the very first Jeeyar of 
AhObila matam .There the comparison definitely stops.

Choice of the name and the kEettai Nakshathram behind it

adiyEn was born in Panguni kEttai and the founding Jeeyar
of Sri Ahobila Matam was born in PurattAsi kEttai;
the Second Jeeyar of this illustrious Paramparai was born
on AavaNi kEttai . Both are from the temple town of
ThirunArAyaNapuram , where AchArya RaamAnuja resided
for twelve long years.

This kEttai Nakshathram also happens to be the birth
star of one more Azhagiya Singars of the Ahobila
Matam paramparai ( the 35th Jeeyar ., KaLatthUr 
Azhagiya Singar).His Thiru-Nakshathram is VaikAsi kEttai.

The Impact of SangItha VidhvAn ,Sri V.V.Sadagopan
At school , adiyEn began to register my name as 
"Sadagopan" without any knowledge as a school boy about 
the great meaning behind the original name that
belonged to Swamy Sri NammAzhwAr. One of the The popular 
musician in those days was Sri V.V.Sdaagopan
and adiyEn modelled my signature from the way he 
spelled his name . That version of the name and 
signature/spelling  got stuck legally .

Recent requests to change the spelling of my Name 

Recently , number of BhakthAs have suggsted to me 
that the sign off as "Sadagopan " is not correct ,
which adiyEn has been aware off . adiyEn did not too 
much about it and kept on signing off as 
"Sadagopan " . Most recently , a devout young lady 
in her final year of B.COM studies from Triplicane 
wrote to me and mentioned that she is an avid reader of 
my postings and each time she sees my signature , 
she is upset that it is not in the  way it should be 
as "SatakOpan".adiyEn thanks her for for her sincerity 
and warmth of appeal. adiyEn has been finally 
persuaded to do some thing about this anamoly.
This was the proverbial last straw that broke this
stubborn camel's back(resolve).

The Response to the requests

adiyEn has therefore decided to sign off as 
"VaradAchAri SatakOpan " from here on in my postings .
For the sake of archives ,adiyEn will add my 
"PoorvAsrama naamam " as "Sadagopan" in paranthesis 
in this Sri VaishNava sadhas.

The appropriateness of changing the spelling

It is only  appropriate to do so particularly after
my recent Bhara-nyAsam under the sacred feet of
Sri Bhagavath RaamAnuja SiddhAntha NirdhAraNa,
Sri lakshmi Nrusimha PaadhukA Sevaka ,Parama Hamsa 
parivRajAka , Sri Adhi VaNN SatakOpa 
Sri NaarAyaNa YathIdhra MahA Desikan , 
the current Jeeyar of AhObila Matam .

Tributes of PoorvAchAryALs to Swamy SatakOpa NammAzhwAr
Swamy Desikan"s tribute in Prabhandha Saaram
During this occasion of the change of the spelling of 
my name to "SatakOpan " , adiyEn thinks of the 
aruLiccheyalkaL of Swamy Desikan , which  pays
tribute to our Prapanna Jana SanthAna Kootasthar ,
Swamy SatakOpa NammAzhwAr :

munnuraittha thiuviruttha nooRu paattu
  muRayinvarum aasiriya-mEzhu pattu
manniya naRR poruttpperiya ThiruvandhAthi
  maRavAthapadi yeNpatthEzhu paattum
pinnuraitthathOr ThiruvAimozhi yeppOthum
  pizhaiaRavA-aayirtthoru nooRRirandu paattum
innalatthil VaikAsi VisAkam tannil
 Yezhirkkuruhai varumAru irangu neeyE

---Prabhandha Saaram Of Swamy Desikan : Paasuram 6

(Meaning)of the above paasuram:  Oh Swamy Sri NammAzhwAr! 
You were born in in this beautiful world at the beautiful 
temple town of Thirukkuruhai during VaikAsi VisAkam 
as Maaran SatakOpan.Please bless adiyEn to recite 
without any mistakes the first prabhandham of Yours 
known as Thiruviruttham with its hundred paasurams. 
Plese bless adiyEn also to recite the next prabhandham
of yours known as ThiruvAsiriyam with its seven
paasurams; afterwards , please bless adiyEn to
recite without error your third unforgettable prabhandham 
with its 87 passurams filled with the essence of VaishNava
anubhavams and thereafter, please bless adiyEn to have 
the bhAgyam of reciting without any mistakes Your great
ThiruvAimozhi with its 1102 paasurams .

The four key groups of words qualifying 
Sri SatakOpan's four aruLiccheyalkaLs here are:

(1) MUNNURAITTHA Thiruviruttham: Among the four 
Prabhandhams of Swamy NammAzhwAr , Thiruviruttham is 
the first one.Therefore , Swamy Desikan , who is 
the Master of choice of the right words describes 
this Prabhnadham as "MUNN-URAITTHA"( Mudal mudhalAha aruLiya). 
In this Prabhandham , Sri SatakOpan uses His Jn~Ana Chakshus 
( divine eye) to see the Lord in Sri Vaikuntam and appealed to 
Him to free him form the afflictions of debilitating
SamsAram . The other reason for our Kavi Simham 
(Swami Desikan )to Use the word , "MUNN-URAITTHA " 
is to indicate that the first enemy for Bhagavath-
anubhavam is prakruthi Sambhandham and therefore , 
Sri SatakOpan requested first the removal of 
the association with Prakruthi. the Lord according to 
Swamy Desikan obliged with Sri SatakOpan's request .

(2) The second Prabhandam of Sri SatakOpan is
ThiruvAsiriyam. Swami Desikan's  revealing key words 
here are : " MURAYIN VARUM ". This means accordingly.
Sri SatakOpan prayed for relief in the first prabhandham
from samsAram. The Lord listened and blessed Sri SatakOpan
to enjoy His anantha kalyAna GuNam and aparimitha 
Soundharyam in this prakruthi maNDalam ( Leela VibhUthi)
itself. Sri SatakOpan enjoyed them and "accordingly "
described his experience in ThiruvAsiriyam.

(3) The third Prabhandham of NammAzhwAr is 
Periya-ThiruvandhAthi. Here Sri SatakOpan states that 
the enjoyment of the Lord in " the muRayin varum " 
manner only increased his desire to enjoy Him more. 
The Lord became insatiable nectar ( aparyAptha-
AarAvamudhan). The key words qualifying this 
prabhandham are "MANNIYA NARR PROUL".( containing 
the essence of tattvams-SaarArtham ).Swamy NammazhwAr 
hinted at the great thirst that samsAris could have 
for Bhagavath anubhavam through the choice of 

(4) ThiruvAimozhi is the magnum opus of Sri SatakOpan ,
which describes the paripUrNa Bhagavath anubhavam
that he enjoyed and the attainment of Moksha
Siddhi . The boon of Mukthi and nithya kaimkaryam
at Parama Padham is referred to here by the key word ,
"PINNURAITTHA OR PINN URAITTHA". Pinn means stated below
or the one after this or that. Latter meaning is applicable
here.Sri SatakOpan's experience in attaining Moksha anugraham
after going thru every state of experience and finally attaining 
Moksham is described here .hence the word , "Pinn+uraittha " 
is used . This is quite the opposite of "Munn+Uraitha"
in Thiruviruttham , where the prayer was for 
the removal of prakruthi sambhandham .

Swamy Desikan prayed thus to Sri SatakOpan to bless him
with the boon of reciting and understanding always his 
four prabhndhams without any mistakes ( yeppOthum pizhai
aRa nee irangu) .

Swamy Desikan's tribute in YathirAja Sapthathi

In the fourth slOkam of Sri YathirAja Sapthathi ,
Swamy Desikan salutes NammAzhwAr this way:

yasya Saarsavatham srOthO VakuLAmOdha vaasitham
SruthinAm visramAyAlam SatArim tamupAsmahE

(meaning ) : Swamy NammAzhwAr received upadEsam 
on manthrArthams from Sri VishvaksEnar. He wears
always Makizhampoo Maalai. Hence , his prabhandhams
flowing as nectar have the fragrane of makizhampoo.
His prabhndhams reveal clearly sarva vedArthams 
for one and all independent of caste or sex or aasramam.
As a result , the prabhandhams give rest to the Vedams ,
which were doing this work until the appearance of
Sri SatakOpan's prabhndhams.

Swamy ALavandhAr's Tribute to Sri SatakOpan
AdiyEn will conclude this special posting with
the slOkam of Swamy AaLavandhAr :

MaathA pithA yuvatayas tanayA vibhUthis-
sarvam yathEva niyamEna madhanvayAnAm
Aadhayasya Na: KulapathEr VakuLAbhirAmam 
Srimath Tadhangri yugaLam praNamAmi MoordhnA

--SthOthra Rathnam of AaLavandhAr: SlOkam 5

(prose order ): madh-anvayAnAm niyamEna MaathA , 
PithA ,Yuvathaya: TanayA: VibhUthi: sarbvam yath 
yEva Na: Aadhyasya KulapathE: VAKULA ABHIRAAMAM  
Srimath Tath angri yugaLam moordhnA praNamAmi 

(Meaning ): For those poorvAchAryAs , who went 
before adiyEn and all the Sri VaishNavAs coming
after adiyEn's  times , Swamy NammAzhwAr has 
been and will be the nourishing Mother, protecting Father,
Comforting wife , loving children and sakala Isvaryam. 
To that great AchAryan and the head of the Prapanna Kulam , 
who is adorned with the fragrance of Mahizampoo garland 
(VakuLa Pushpa mAlai ),adiyEn's daNdavath praNAMams 
are offered. Those PraNAmams are to His illustrious , 
pair of holy  feet (nithyOjwala angri Yugam) .
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 

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