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Paasurappadi DasAvathara sthuthi

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 13:12:25 PDT

>From: Sadagopan <>

Dear BhakthAs :

In the following posting , a unintended error had crept in
regarding the attrribution of the authorship of the Paasurams
quoted from 2-5 .

All of the Paasurams quoted are from PeriyAzhwAr's
Thirumozhi .Hence , please correct the passages 
( paasurams 2-5) as PeriyAzhwAr Thirmozhi instead of
Periya Thirumozhi, which belongs to Thirumangai Mannan .

Regret the unintended confusion.

Daasan, V.SatakOpan(V.Sadagopan) 

>Subject: Paasurappadi DasAvathara sthuthi
>Dear BhakthAs :
>This morning adiyEn had the opportunity to hear 
>the beautiful DasAvathAra Raaga Maalika kruthi 
>in 10 RaagAs sung by the late SangItha KalAnidhis 
>AalatthUr Brothers.This krithi starts with
>Mohana Raagam.
>DasaavathAra Raaga Maalikia krithi
>This krithi is a beautiful one composed by 
>the former King of Travancore, Swathi ThirnALL 
>( 1813-47A.D).This king , a contemproary of 
>Saint ThyagarAjA and ruled KeraLA (ParasurAma KshEthram) 
>as the representative of Sri Aanantha PadmanAbha Perumal , 
>who had received the MangaLAsAsanams from Swamy NammAzhwAr 
>( ThiruvAimozhi : 10.2.1-11) earlier.
>The Saahithya KarthA's ankitham (MudhrAs)
>Swathi ThirunALL's main mudhrA as a composer in
>his saahithyams ( ParyAya MudhrA) is "PadmanAbhA".
>The other MudhrAs that he used to salute the Lord
>with reference to the Lotus (Padma )arising from his 
>naabhi are : Abja NAbha , AmbhOruha nAbha, Ambuja nAbha , 
>Jalaja nAbha , Jalaruha nAbha, Kamala nAbha , 
>Khanja nAbha ,NaLina nAbha, Neeraja nAbha , Pankaja nAbha , 
>PundarIka nAbha , Saarasa nAbha , SarasIruha nAbha, 
>SarOja nAbha , Vanaja nAbhA , Vanaruha nAbha, Vaarija-
>nAbha and Vaariruha nAbha . Such was His devotion 
>for the Lord of Thiruvananthapuram , his kula dhaivam.
>Swamy ALavandhAr's anubhavam at Thiruvananthapuram
>Prior to describing the  effect of listening to 
>this beautifully renderd Sanskrit DasAvathAra Krithi of 
>the MaharAjA of Travancore , adiyEn would like to
>dwell briefly on what happened to Swamy ALavandhAr
>at Thiruvananthapuram .It all started from Swamy
>ALavandhAr hearing and reflecting on the Paasurams of
>Swamy NammAzhwAr on the EmperumAn of Thiruvananthapuram.
>Swamy NammAzhwAr asked all of us to rush to the side of
>Sri Hari Lakshmi SamEtha Sri Aanantha PadhmanAbha Swamy
>to receive freedom form all samsAric Afflictions . When 
>Swamy AlavandhAr heard the recital of these paasurams ,
>he just took off as an arrow to Thiruvananthapuram and 
>enjoyed the sevai of the Lord there and stayed there 
>for a while steeped in the bliss of BhagavAn's
>sEvai . In this ecstacy , he forgot the date by which 
>he should have returned to Veera NaarAyanapuram 
>to be initiated into Yoga Rahasyam from his grandfather's  
>(Naathamuni's) sishyan by the name of Thirukkuruhai-
>Kaavalappan . 
>Naatha Muni was initated earlier by Swamy NammAzhwAr 
>on the esoteric Yoga Rahasya anushtAnam as a special 
>blessing at ThirukkuruhUr. Naatha Muni in turn had 
>entrusted his disciple ,Thirukkuruhai Kaavalappan (TK)
>to receive the upadEsam on Yoga rahasyam. AlavandhAr 
>was asked by his AchAryan, Sri Raama Misrar to receive
>the Yoga Rahasyam initiation (Family property )
>from Thirukkurhai Kaavalappan and latter obliged happily.
>Sri TK asked Swamy AlavandhAr to return before the coming 
>Thai Pushyam , since he was going to shake off 
>his mortal coils during the abhijin muhUrtham of
>that special day. AlavandhAr felt blessed and 
>took a short trip to Thiruvanathapuram to
>worship Sri Anantha PadhmanAbhan . There he lost
>count of time and suddenly relaized that it was
>Thai Pushyam day and  could not return to Veera-
>NaarAyaNa puram in time to receive the much
>longeed-for upadEsam on Yoga Rahasyam. Swamy
>AlavandhAr was heart broken over his misfortune .
>From that day , the yoga Rahasyam disappeared 
>from anushtAnam due to the break in the chain of 
>UpadEsam. Swamy AlavandhAr returned to Srirangam 
>and in  a trip to Kaanchi prayed to Lord VaradarAjan
>to bless Sri RaamAnujA to become his successor
>in the AchArya Peetam .
>Reflections on listening to the DasAvathAra Krithi
>The reflection on the DasAvathAra Krithi of
>Swathi ThirunALL brought all these associative 
>memories. AdiyEn was moved to compose a small eulogy
>to the DasAvathArams of Sriman NaarAyaNan using 
>the words of AzhwAr Paasurams ( Paasurap Padi). 
>AdiyEn has started this series with the Paasurams of 
>PeriyAzhwAr  and ANDAL's pORRIt Thiruppavai( 24th Paasuram ).
>AdiyEn presents it as samarpaNam at the sacred 
>feet of Sri Hari Lakshmi SamEtha Sri PadmanAbha Prabhan.
>DasaavathAra sthuthi (Paasurappadi )
>1. anthiyam pOthilariyuruvAhi ariyai
>azhitthavan guNam pORRI --(ThiruppallANDu ) 
>2. thEvudaya MeenamAyAmayAi yEnamAi ariyAik KuRaLAi
>   Moovruvili RaamanAik KaNnanAi KaRkkiyAI MudippAn
>   puhazh pORRi-- Periya Thirumozhi: 4.9.9)
>Here, PeriyAzhwAr salutes all the ten avathArams
>of Sri RanganAthan . He starts with the MatsyAvathAram
>and points out that it was "ThEvudaya Meenam ". 
>The lustre of that fish (mathsyam )grew bigger and
>bigger as it grew in to larger and larger sizes.
>The second avathAram is KoorMAvathAram and is
>saluted as "AamayAi". The third in the order is 
>VarAhAvathAram and is described as " yEnamAi".
>The fourth avathAraam is that of Narasimhan 
>(ariyAi) , which was saluted first in ThiruppallANDu.
>The fifth avathAram is that of the dwarf brahmachAri 
>(KuRaLAi) , who measured the universes later as Thrivikraman.
>The sixth , seventh and the eighth avathArams of
>Sri RanganAthan are those three , which have the Raama
>nAmam in common ( ParasuRAAMA , Dasaratha RAAMA and
>Balabhadra RAAMA ). The ninth avathAram is that of
>Lord KrishNA ( KaNNanAI) and the final avathArAm 
>that is yet to happen is that of Kalki ( KaRkkiyAI). 
>3. annamum meenruvmALariyum KuRaLum Amayum aanavanE
>   AayarkaL Naayakan aDi pORRi --( Periya Thirumozhi: 1.5.11)
>Here PriyAzhwAr is enjoying the senkeerai aadum 
>stage of Baala Gopalan and has the vision of some of
>the dasAvathArams (Mathsyam , Narasimhan, Vaamanan 
>and Koormam ) of the Lord of the GOpAs.
>4. KaaLiyan uchciyilE thooya nadam payilum 
>   Sundaran thALL poRRI --(Periya Thirumozhi 1.5.6)
>The dance lessons on the hoods of the serpent KaaLiyan 
>by Baala GOpAlan is saluted here.
>5. Panchavar thUthanAi BhAratham kai seythavaa pORRi
>   (Periya Thirumozhi 1.8.1, AcchO paruvam)
>The act of serving as the PaaNDava DhUthan and
>the management of the Bhaaratha yuddham 
>to lighten the load of the Earth is saluted here.
>6. Maavali vELviyil Sukkiran KaNNait thurumpAl
>   KiLariya Vaamana nampI ninn thiRal pORRi
>  (PeriyAzhwAr : 2.10.7 & 2.3.8)
>Here, the piercing the eye of SukrAcchAr (asura guru)
>by Vaamanan who took the form of a bee to block 
>the flow of water from the GhiNdi of MaahA Bali 
>is sluted here.Vaamana mUrthy took a dharbham 
>and with its sharp edge pierced one eye of the 
>asura Guru to stop him from interfering.
>7. yEnatthuruvAi immaNNinai iDantha VarAha NampI 
>   ninn sathirp pORRi (PeriyAzhwAr: 2.10.9 )
>The pictureof BhUvarAhan lifting BhUmi Devi
>on His incisor is visualized here.
>8. Tankayai mookum tamayanait talayum taDittha
>   yemm Daasarathy nin  kaiyil vill pORRI 
>   (PeriyAzhwAr : 4.7.1)
>Lord RaamachandrA's cutitng the nose of SoorpaNakai,
>who offended JaanakI maathA and the cutting of 
>the heads of RaavaNan , who offended Jaanaki dEvi
>is referrd to here.
>Naathanai Narasinghanai navinREtthuvArkaLuzhakkiya 
>paatha thooLi paduvathAl ivvulaham bhAkkiyam seythathE
>( periyAzhwAr : 4.4.6)
>We will conclude this posting with a tribute to 
>Lord Narasimhan as we started with and remember
>PeriyAzhwAr's word that this earth is blessed
>to have the connection with the dust of the feet of
>Sri VaishNavAs , who worship Lord Narasimhan through
>their sthOthrams and AarAdhanams like Srimath 
>Azhagiya Singar .
>NaarAyaNa , NaarAyaNa , NaarAyaNa,
>Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil SatakOpan  
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