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Latest news regarding Veda recordings

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 10:40:08 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

I am attaching an announcement from Sriman
A.Krishanan of Srirangam , who is the President of 
the Delhi Vedic trust .I am delighted to know that
he has completed now the rest of the tapes on 
the Four Vedams . Saama Vedam Part II and
the KrishNa Yajur Vedam were the last portions of 
the vedams to be completed .

I have the Sukla Yajur Vedam , AtharvaNa Vedam
tapes . I have sent my Sama Vedam I tapes to a 
Saama Vedi . 

Most of the people in Tamil Nadu and AndhrA are
KrishNa Yajur Vedis . Hence this news about the availability
of the Krishna Yajur Vedam tapes is most welcome .

Please write to Sri Krishnan directly about 
your intersts in acquiring any one of these 
sets of tapes.They have been recorded by
Vedic Scholars of repute under the best
Technical circumstances .

Veda PurushAya Nama:
Daasan , V.SatakOpan (V.Sadagopan)  
>From: "A. Krishnan" <>
>Subject: Latest news regarding Veda recordings
>Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 18:18:01 PDT
>Dear Sadagopan,                             Srirangam,  19 June 2000
>I am glad to inform you that with God's grace, Sama Veda (Part II) 
>consisting of Uhaganam and Uhyaganam and Krishna Yajur Veda consisting of 
>Brahmana and Aranyaka portions in 20 and 29 cassettes respectively were 
>recorded at Chennai during April 2000.This completes Phase I of our projects 
>to record at least one shaka of all Vedas.
>The current donation schemes applicable to NRIs as well as Indian Residents 
>are enclosed for your perusal.We have recognised the help from our former 
>full-set donors and given them a rebated donation figure for the two latest 
>recordings.Though you had not taken the SYV then, you can avail of the lower 
>donation for the Sama Veda (II) and KYV along with SYV together now if you 
>choose to do so.
>We have also no objection to NRIs opting for the rupee donation figure if 
>they have the facility to complete the entire transaction in India - that is 
>arrange for donation in rupees by means of a DD or cheque on any Chennai 
>bank and collection of cassettes and books at an Indian address.
>You may like to consider the above and let us know your convenience if you 
>decide to obtain the balance recordings to complete your set.

>With my best personal regards,
>Sri Ranganayaki Sametha Sri Ranganatha Para-Brahmane Namaha !
>Sri Ranganatha Divya Mani Padhukaabhyam Namaha !!

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