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Srivaishnavism concluding message

From: Sampathkumar (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 10:05:36 PDT

 My humble Pranams to all.There must have been a mixed reaction to my earlier four  mails on Srivaishnavism.It could have been presented in a better way and  on daily basis which would have  kept the  little interest alive.I am a beginner in the Bhakti-List group and I  Assure you  my future mails will be  a shade better . Now on the concluding part.
Having focussed the issue in my own humble way  in my earlier four mails, I desire to place before you all, an action plan.
The prerequisite for action plan is as under:
1. There will not be any committe /sabha/  etc and there will not be any President,Chairman/Secretary  etc.
2. There will not be any collection of funds
3. All activities will be purely voluntary(KAR SEVA model of sikhs)
4. There will not be any differentiation among any sub groups or among different groups.
5. It will be time bound.
6. All activities will be transparent .
7. Bhakthas from all Varnas  will be  received with Folded  Hands.
8. Nachiars , children and youth will be encouraged  in the activities.
9. To have immense faith and total surrender to Lord Sriman Narayana  and in the philosophy of Srivaishnavism .
 Action Plan                                                                                  Time 
1. Request and recieve feed back/suggestion                                  
    comments etc                                                                              By    1st   Sep
2. Simultaneously  meeting  H.H.Jeers/
    H.H.Acharya Purushas/Scholars etc and  obtain  their  valuable  guidance                                                  By    1st   Sep            
3. Based on the  guidance/feed back etc
    prepare  a working document  for  placing                                        By    1st   Oct 
    before the H.H.Jeers/H.H.Acharya Purushas                                      
4.  Final  action plan  for circulation    among all                                                                          .                       By    1st    Jan     2001 
5.  Launching  of the  action                                                                                          14th   Jan  2001                                            

   This is in brief  what I propose .There are a number of  Organisations/Institutions/ Sabhas  etc connected with Srivaishnavism and  there are  learned ,educated ,broad minded, scholarly,matured individuals .  I intend bringing them on a common platform  and I earnestly belive it would be possible for them  to participate without compromising  on thier basic objective.As I have made it very clear,who ever willingly volunteers will be a coordinator  in his/her own circle.I also 
understand the task in hand  is not measurable  and having  totally surendered to Lord Sriman Narayana , ALL OF US ARE CONFIDENT THAT THE LORD WILL GUIDE  AND LEAD US in this sacred and noble mission  of  spreading  the message of Emperumanar.Let  us all  with folded hands invite and  welcome one and all into the fold of Srivaishnavam and more important ensure all remain in the fold 
I will be blessed to have responses on my mails  which would immensly help me to proceed in the right path,direction and correct myself  if I had faulted  in my mails so far.
Jaya Sriman Narayana
H.H.Sri Mudaliyandan Swami Shisya  sampaths
may we  make a small introduction about us?
We are  H.H.Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shisyas.We can be reached  on e mail res phone 4420432/4911416.

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