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"Sravanam" at Thoopul

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 10:30:40 PDT

Dear Bhakthas,

The most auspicious day of Sravanam fell on 21.6.2000. On this day the 
"Tirumanjanam" for Vilakkoli Perumal and Desikan was organised. About 8 of 
us from Bangalore and 13 others from Chennai arrived at the Divya Desam @ 10 
am. The Tirumanjanam proceedings commenced at 10.30 am.

The Utsava moorties of Perumal along with ubhaya nachiars as also those of 
Desika, were brought into the mandapam in Desikan's Sannidhi. The 
Tirumanjanam rituals began in all earnestness and took about an hour and a 
half to complete. Recital of Vedas followed by Sattrumurai by a learned 
Srivaishnava Goshti (about 8 of them) was the salient feature of the 
Tirumanjanm proceedings. This was followed by prasadam distribution.I was 
told that even on sravanam day, a detailed tirumanjanam is done only if 
ubhayadharars are available. Otherwise it normally sankshiptha & ekantha.

After the prasadam distribution, all the bhakthas were taken around to:
a) Desikan's janma sthanam.
b) Moolavar Sannidhi - Vilakkoli Perumal
c) Moolavar Sannidhi - Desikan.
At each of these Sannidhis a patient & detailed explanation was given to all 
the bhakthas about it's uniqueness/importance.It was observed by the temple 
authorities that (a)the number of bhakthas who had attended the Tirumanjanam 
(about 80) that day was  probably the largest after garuda sevai. (b) The 
"Thattu collection" that day at each of the sannidhis was more than Rs.300/- 
and that the bhattars were thrilled about this once in a while windfall! & 
(c) About 4 bhakthas had come forward to sponsor Thirumanjanam on months 
when no sponsors were currently available.

Even as we left Thoopul at 2.30 pm, the resplendent images of Vilakkoli 
Perumal along with His consorts, & Desikan, all whom were bedecked in new 
vastrams and in the most fragrant flowers, were etched in our memories. The 
satisfaction in the face of all the bhakthas who had assembled there as also 
those of the "bhattars" was indeed quite gratifying.

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