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An appeal from Ubhaya Vedanta Sabha

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 18:21:46 PDT

Dear bhAgavathas:

With His Kindness, My family and I had the good fortune to start
off the new milennium in India.  This particular visit was by far
the most memorable, as it provided me with the opportunity to
meet several devout bhAgavathas and learned scholars.  Among them
was the noted scholar and devotee, Sri N.V.L.N. Ramanujacharyulu
of Pentapadu, Andhra Pradesh, who attended my wife's cousin's
marriage along with an entourage of learned scholars of Andhra
and Tamizh Nadu.

Sri N.V.L.N Ramanujacharyulu is the Secretary of the Ubhaya
Vedanta Sabha, an organization that is actively propogating
SriVaishnavam by publishing books and performing kainkaryam to
such learned achAryans as HH Sriman Narayana Ramanuja Jeear
Swamy.  The Sabha is now engaged in an ongoing project to
propogate the vaibhavam of the AzhwArs and the Prabhandam by
publishing articles from scholars in all languages.  Its current
project is dedicated to Thirumangai AzhwAr.  The sabha seeks the
financial support from the bhAgavathas in this forum.    I think
Sri NVLN Swamy's words will speak for themselves:

Ramanuja Dasan


In the age of Kali, Alwars are the forerunners of the traditions
of Bhakti and Prapatti. They are the great devotees totally
immersed in experiencing God. As they did not want their divine
experiences to be confined to themselves, they shared the same
with the rest of the world in the form of beautiful Tamil stotras
on the Almighty, called Divya Prabandhas. These Divya Prabandhas,
also known as Tamil Veda, are flawless justlike Sanskrit Veda.
Among these Alwars, Nammalwar and Thirumangai Alwar are the most
important ones. While Nammalwar blessed us with four Prabandhams
summarizing the four Sanskrit Vedas, Thirumangai Alwar composed
six Prabandhas, considered to be the six Vedangas for the four
Tamil Vedas of Nammalwar. The meanings of various Vedic
statements can be better decided by understanding the Vedangas.
Similarly, it is advisable to study and understand Nammalwar's
Srisooktis along with Thirumangai Alwar's Srisooktis.

These two Alwars did mangalasasanam to most of the 108
Srivaishnava Divya Desas. While Nammalwar sang on various Divya
Desas from Alwar Thirunagari itself, Thirumangai Alwar visited
different holy places, worshipped the deities therein, and sang
in Their praise. Also Thirumangai Alwar scores a few points over
Nammalwar from two aspects. Firstly, while Nammalwar longed for
Bhagavata Seshatvam or servitude to His servants, Thirumangai
Alwar obtained it. Secondly, Srimannarayana Himself taught
Thirumantram to Thirumangai Alwar. These two Alwars showed great
interest in singing on the Lord at Kumbhakonam Divya Desam, Tamil
Nadu. While Nammalwar addresses Him as Aravamudhan or insatiable
nectar in his Thiruvaaymoli, Thirumangai Alwar salutes Him at the
very beginning of his Periya Thirumoli and end of

The Vaibhavam of Thirumangai Alwar is commemorated in
Srivaishnava temples of both Vaikhanasa and Pancharatra Agamas by
celebrating a festival called "Chorotsavam" during Brahmotsavams.

Last year, Ubhaya Vedanta Sabha, Pentapadu, grandly celebrated
the birth year of Nammalwar at Adikesava Emberumanar Temple,
Narsapur (AP)
and published a book titled "Sri Parakala Srisookti Sudha" with
articles from  several Srivaishnava scholars in Telugu, Tamil,
Sanskrit and English. This year, the sabha plans to publish
articles by erudite scholars on various topics contained in the
six prabandhas of Thirumangai Alwar and celebrate Thirumnagai
Alwar's Thirunakshatram
(10th Dec, 2000) in a grand manner. This project costs around Rs.
3-4 lakhs.

Hence we appeal to all devotees of Lord Vishnu to support this
kainkaryam of the Sabha by contributing generously.

At the service to the
Lotus Feet of Lord Sri Hari

N. V. L. N. Ramanujacharyulu
Ubaya Vedanta Sabha
Pentapadu (AP)

PS: For sending your donations, you can contact

1. Sriman Mohan Sagar
Ph: 303 696 1359

2. Dr. Ranganath Vedala

3. Sriman N.V.L.N.Ramanujacharyulu
          Ubhaya Vedanta Sabha
          Pentapadu (P.O.)
          W.G.Dist. (A.P.)
          India - 534166
          Ph. 91-8818-23963

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