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From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 23:58:00 PDT

Dear Sri Vaishnava Perunthagaiyeer,

Here is a scene happening in the village Srivillipuththoor. 

The period is after Sri aaNdaaL was given in marriage to Sri Ranga mannaar,
to her beloved kaNNan, Sri vEnkatavan, narahari, kOLari maadhavan, kurai
onrum illadha gOvindhan. 

Sri Periyaazhvaar also finished singing "oru magal thannai udaiyEn
thirumagaL pol vaLarththEn sengaNmaal thaan koNdupOnaan".

Prelude: Two young girls are talking to each other about Kannan- our beloved
krishna bhagavaan- both are in love with him. One does not want to reveal to
the other, she is also in love with the same person kannan and be a rival to
the other in her love affairs.

On the previous day, both were awaiting the arrival of Kannan in the
nandhavanam near the aaNdaaL temple. Each one of them sought the help of
other in the love affairs, to bring kaNNan to the garden so that they can
enjoy with their beloved, like the earlier days thalaivi (chief) asking her
thOzhi (assistant and confidente). 

As usual, he did not turn up and made both of them wait unnecessarily. So
both were furious at kaNNan. One said to the other she was waiting for the
arrival of kaNNan but he did not turn up. 

One was positive by nature and in her approach (we will name her as p1) and
other was egoistic by nature and negative (we will name her as En).

Now the scene: 
En says to p1, "because of your bad behaviour the other day when he came, he
did not come yesterday, so you are to be blamed". But since p1 knows about
the behavioral pattern of En, she did not respond badly. 

But in the heart of heart she was sure, because of En only he did not turn
up. The ego of En did not permit her to admit certain follies she did, which
made kannan to shy away from her. 

En says to P1
POdi pOdi ahankaari nee
Pullaanguzhal oothum nandhakumaaranin 
POkkum varavum arivEnadi pOdi

Meaning: En says "you are egoistic, better you go, I know the behavioural
pattern and ways of that King Nandha's son Krishnan who always plays with
the flute,  I know where he goes and what he does etc".

Replies p1 by the following verse:
Soodik koduththa sudark kOdhai avaL
Sonna vazhi irukku ippOdhai avaL
Paadik koduththa thirup paavai
Paravasam aagida vazhi onru irukkuthu paaradi
Un dhayavu Enadi - pOdi

Meaning: Eh I do not want your help, I have the way which is same as what
aaNdaaL followed- to sing thiruppaavai and follow the footsteps of aaNdaaL-
I know the route how to become horripillated (rOmaanchanam) in union with
that krishnan, please see that route and follow that route" 

Continues p1-
vazhi solladi enraal vaayaal vanthapdi pazhi solluraai
Azhagi samaththu yaarum nigar illaathavaL enru
Adikkadi thannai mechchikkoLLuraai
Suzhichchu eththanai adhu pOttaalum poojyam  
Sollik koLLu thannaiththaanE mamathaiyin raajyam
Vizhichchathu raagu kaalam vedichchathu thaachchiyam vEdhanaiyil unnai solla
Edhu yOgyam - pOdi"

Meaning: "hey I asked you how to become dear to krishna but you accuse him.
You think you are beautiful, knowledgeable, there in no one comparable to
you and you boast about yourself with such comments. In whatever way it is
written, zero is always zero. Like that you have lot of ego.

Some how I woke up today in the bad time period of raaghu kaalam that is why
there is a fight between us. I am already suffering for the non arrival of
krishna so why should I blame you'. So saying she concludes the dialogue.

Comments: This song is by Ooththukkadu Sri Venkata subbaiyer the staunch
krishna bhaktha in the raaga khamas. 

The dramatisation is by MGV. 

See the emphasis on the superiority of the thiruppaavai which is the
highlight in this song which I wanted to bring to notice of bhakthaas in the
list. Perhaps this song may not be that famous and heard in many platforms.

Dasan Vasudevan M.G.

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