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SrI PerukkAranai SwAmi's Sanskrit Commentary on SrI BhAshya

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 23:18:39 PDT

SrI Lakshminrusimha ParabrahmaNE namaha
SrI Lakshminrusimha Divya PAdukA SEvaka SrIvaN-
SatakOpa SrI nArAyaNa yateendra mahAdESikAya namaha

 namO nArAyaNa!

 Dear devotees,

  adiyEn was fortunate to be there during the release of the first
  volume of the commentary on SrI BhAshyam by
  SrI U.Ve.PerukkAranai MAdabhUshi ChakravarthAchArya SwAmi
  (77), an aastAna vidvAn of SrI Ahobila Mutt. It was held at
  SrI DESika Bhavanam.

  SrI PuriSai swAmi, dowhitrar of SrImad InjimEttu Azhagiyasingar 
  and the editor of SrI Nrusimha Priya Magazine released it and 
  spoke well about this excellent work by SrI PerukkAranai swAmi 
  (SPS) and the importance of publishing books. SrI SEva -
  SrInivAsarAghavAchArya swAmi while praising this new and valuable 
  contribution, conferred the title "abhinava SudarSana Bhattar" to 
  SPS. This was because, while learning from SrImad InjimEttu 
  Azhagiyasingar, SPS recorded the daily kAlakshEpam as notes and 
  wrote them in an organized manner by referring to many other  
  source books as well during each night. It was well appreciated 
  by SrImad InjimEttu Azhagiyasingar as SPS would read  them out 
  the next day. Similarly, the next H.H.Jeeyar SrImad DEvanArviLAgam
  Azhagiyasingar also was very happy listening to this entire
  manuscript. We know that, SrI SudarSana Bhattar wrote
  SrutaprakASika by recording the kAlakshEpams of SrI NadAdUr

  SPS then developed the manuscript by adding some more
  new arguments and insightful informations.

  SrI PayyambAdi VEnkatavaradAchArya (disciple of UttamUr
  SwAmi) recalled the way SrI KOzhiyAlam swAmi praised the
  efforts of his own disciple SrI abhinava dESika UttamUr
  SwAmi, through the publications under the banner "Ubhaya
  VEdAnta GranthamAla". SrI PayyambAdi swAmi then praised
  the efforts of SPS and said that those words of SrI
  KOzhiyAlam swAmi (a sanskrit verse) is also applicable to
  SPS who has undertaken this very important publication.

  SrI VillUr KarunAkaran swAmi lauded this commentary to be
  an excellent addition to the sampradAya literature. In a
  brief glance through the commentary (while he was in the
  dias), SrI KarunAkaran swAmi(SKS) read the portion on
  "apahata pApma" vichAra by SPS. SKS lauded that such an
  in depth analysis on that issue, if were written in either
  English Or tamil will by itself yield a Ph.D. degree in the
  academic circles. SKS also remarked about the valuable
  information in the commentary by way of explaining the
  salient features of SrutaprakASika and references to
  SrI BhAshyArtha Darpanam (commentary on SrI BhAshyam)
  by SrI UttamUr SwAmi.

  SrI MannArgudi RAjagOpAlAchArya said that the release of
  this lucid and excellent commentary is certainly an "Historical
  Event". After a brief glance over the commentary, SrI MannArgudi
  SwAmi was praising in many ways SPS has made intellectual
  arguments in certain issues. He particularly stressed and praised
  SPS's expertise in NyAya SAstra and the ability to perform
  "tarka" (logical arguments). By the way, SPS was well trained
  in NyAya SAstra by none other than the undisputed giant of that
  field and his own uncle (mAmA) viz. SrI abhinava dESika UttamUr
  VeerarAghavAchArya SwAmi.

  Few days later, in a private conversation, SrI MannArgudi SwAmi
  (SMS) told me that, this commentary is an outstanding addition
  to our Philosophy. The main feature of the commentary is the
  lucid way in which many difficult passages/texts of esp.
  SrutaprakASika are explained in a very simple sanskrit. He
  remarked that, this commentary might as well be used in
  kAlakshEpas henceforth due to its clarity by explaining the
  difficult concepts in a very simple sanskrit, apart from
  giving the salient features of previous commentaries.

  You must have read the appeal by Smt VaidEhi and SrI RAja.
   Please do contribute towards this noble cause, by sending a
  cheque in favour of "P.M.Chakravarthi" and send it to :

  Sri Desika Bhavanam,
  27, Venkatesa Agraharam,
  Mylapore, Chennai 600-004.

  SPS is also publishing an excellent commentary on ThiruppAvai.
  It will get published within a month. It is also an outstanding
  work in very simple tamil running to more than 550 pages. Even
  the padavurai for swApadEsams are given. More on it later when
  it gets published.

  Thus, even if you are not highly motivated to have a "Sanskrit"
  book, however great the contents might be, please do send your
  contributions to SrI PerukkAranai swAmi in recognition of his
  great service to SrI Bhagavad RAmAnuja DarSana. Thanks in

  adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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