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" NenjamE " series : part II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 13:51:07 PDT

Dear BhakthAs: A few days back adiyEn wrote on
the significance of the use of Maanasa-SambhOdhanam of
Swamy NammAzhwAr . That posting arose from the reference
of Sri S.Rengrajan to Thiruvarangatthu AmudanAr's
appeal to his nenjam to revere the name of AchArya
RaamAnujA in the very first slOkam of Sri RaamAnuja-
NooRRandhAthi .

After I sent that posting , it became clear that 
Swamy NammAzhwAr and other AzhwArs and AchAryAs 
as well as param BhagavathAls have engaged in
conversations with their "Nenjam or Manas " for
an important reason cited by the VedAs .AdiyEn 
found atleast 100 plus such conversations
in the dhivya prabhandham . 

I wondered as to why the AzhwArs and AchAryAs 
like Swamy ALavandhAr in his SthOthra Rathnam 
focus on the Manas (Nenju) and appeal to that 
faculty . Then the Sruthi passage came to my 
mind : (AaathmAnam raThinam Viddhi--). This revelatory
passage identifies Jeevan (soul) as the rider ,
dEham (body) as the Chariot ,Budhdi ( knowledge)
as the charioteer (Saarathy) and the Manas (nenjam)
as the reins in the hands of the Saarathy (Buddhi).
Control of the reins is the most important aspect
of completing one's journey towards the destination of
a Mumukshu ( Moksham seeker). In this context , 
the AzhwArs' appeal to their  nenjam fitted
very well with their desire to journey to 
Sri VaikunTam and have nithya kaimkaryam
(eternal service ) for their Lord .This is
the mesage of RathOthsavam of the Lord 
during His BrahmOthsavams.

Here is an imcomplete summary of such Maanasa-
SambhOdhanams by the different AzhwArs outside
ThiruvAimozhi. These are instances of specific 
appeal to their nenjams .There are number of other 
paasurams , where the AzhwArs proudly acknowledge
and tell the world excitedly that the Lord is
sitting in their Hrudhaya kamalam (NenjU). In the following
list , we are including only the Maanasa SambhOdhanam
paasurams , which are 99 plus in number . They have deep
meanings and adiyEn will request other BhaagavathAs
to present the meanings of these Paasurams , where
the AzhwArs appeal to their nenjams :

1. Thirumazhisaip PirAn : Thirucchnadha Viruttham-
   Paasuram :107 ,113, 115 (Three Paasurams)

2. ThoNDaradippodi : ThirumAlai-Paasuram 22

3. Thirumangai : ThiruvEnkatam Paasurams-
   Periya Thirumozhi(PTM): 1.8.1-9 (Nine )

4. Thirumangai: ThirunAngUr MaNimAdak Koil-
   PTM: 3.8.1-9 (Nine More)

5. Thirumangai: Vaikuntha ViNNagara PaasurangaL-
   PTM: 3.9.1-9 (Nine More)

6. Thirumangai: Thiru ArimEya ViNNagaram -
   PTM: 3.10.1-9 (Nine More)

7. Thirumangai: Thiru Nandhipura ViNNagaram -
   5.10.1-9 (Nine More)

8. Thirumangai: Thiru NaRayUr-PTM:6.4.1-9 (nine more)

9. Thirumangai: ThirunaRayUr-PTM: 6.9.1-9 (nine more)

10.Thirumangai: ThiruvallavAzh-PTM:9.7.1-9(nine more)

11.Thirumangai: ThirumAlirumchOlai-PTM:9.8.1-9(nine more)

12.BhUthatthAzhwAr"s Second ThiruvandhAthi: Paasurmas 66,
   94 and 95 (Three Paasurams)

13. pEy AzhwAr 's Third ThiruvandhAthi:Paasuram 34,92,95
   ( three Paasurams)

14. Thirumazhisaip PirAn: Naanmukhan ThiruvandhAthi-
    Paasuram : 86(ULan KaNDAI NannenjE--)/One paasuram

15. Periya ThiruvandhAthi (Atharva Veda Saaram ):
    Paasuram-15,19,23,67,78,83and 84 (Seven Paasurams)

In the next posting on the conversations of Sadhgurus 
with their nenjams (manas) , adiyEn will cover the appeals
of a great Raama ChaithanyA , Sadhguru Sri ThyaagarAja 
Swamigal in his many krithis:

1. Manasaa Sri Raamachandhruni--Raagam : Isa ManOhari

2. Manasu vishaya nata--Raagam: Naattakkurinji

3. Manasu svAdhIna --Raagam : SankarAbharaNam

4. Manavini--Raagam: Jaya NaarAyaNi

5. ManasA Sri Raamuni dayalEka --Raagam: Maara Ranjani

6. Manasu nilpa --Raagam: AbhOgi

7. ManasulOni --Raagam: HindhOLam

8. rE Maanasa --Raagam: ThOdi

9. Maanasa sanjararE Raama--Raagam: PunnAga VarALI

10.Manasaa yetulOrthuna--Raagam: Malaya MAarutham

11.Mansaa mana saamarthyamEmi Oh --Raagam :Vardhini 

AdiyEn will briefly comment on the last krithi of
Sadhguru Swamigal set in the Jnaya Raagam, Vardhini 
of the 23rd MeLa Raagam, Gowri ManOhari.

Here the Saint asks his mind (nenjam) a question:
" Oh my dear mind ! What is the use (prayOjanam )
of our power (vallamai/capability/prowess)? 

The Lord of SaakEthapuri  ascended the ratham of 
the Universe and demonstrated His power and acted out
His role as Sri Raamachandran . On one ancient day , 
KaikEyi learnt about the plans for the PattAbhishEkam
for Sri Raaman through her maid servant Kooni .KaikEyi
in her anger and frustration about her own son , Bharathan,
not being crowned, threw away her jewelery and confronted
her husband. But Sri Raamachandran spread his net of MaayA 
and changed the situation immediately.Similarly , when
SugrIvan was depressed and down cast over the death of
his brother Vaali at the hands of our Raamachandran ,
the depressed mind set of SugrIvan was quickly transformed by
our Lord and our Lord persuaded SugrIvan to help Him to complete
His avathAra Kaaryam . Oh my Mind ! Let us not gloat over
our meqager capabilities and leave every thing to the sankalpam 
of our Lord Raamachandran ! 

Daasan, V.Sadagopan 


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