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From: Vaidehi V (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 08:47:43 PDT

Dear Bhakti members,
With deep apologies, I wish to mention that the
address for payments as stated in Shri. Raja
Krishnasamy's original mail on this subject stands
correct. I had sent a follow up mail stating that the
remittances should be made to Desika Bhavanam. That
apparently is in error. The clarification stems from a
conversation Shri Anand Karalapakkam had with my
father recently. I am quoting the relevant segment of
Shri. Raja Krishnasamy's original mail below for

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal again
for the cause of raising money to publish Volume 2 of
the commentary in Sanskrit for Sri Bhasyam, by Shri U.
Ve P.M. Chakvarthyacharya Swamy, who is the resident
acharya of Shri Desika Bhavanam, Chennai. We were
hoping for a very enthusiastic response and have only
a few pledges so far. Please spread the word around.

Please note that Swamigal is directly supervising the
efforts to bring out this publication and hence direct
remittances to him. However, no part of the money goes
to him as renumeration. 

eRRaikkum EzEzhpiRavikkum undhanOdu uRROmE avOm

Vaidehi V Raja

Quote from Shri. Raja Krishnasamy's mail on this

Remittances can be made to my daughter Smt. Vaidehi
Venkatakrishnan, 77, Wyman Street Apt E, Waban, MA
02468, to be remitted to the revered author in
Chennai.  Alternatively, cheques may also be sent
individually or collectively and mailed to Sri.P.M.
Chakravarthyacharya, Sri. Desika Bhavanam, 27,
Venkatesa agraharam, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.
Contributors of $ 50 dollars will be presented with
one copy of Vol. 1 now being released and one copy of
Vol. 2 when published. Their assistance will be
appropriately acknowledged.

We request all of you to actively participate in this
kainkaryam and be a
part of preserving our age old texts and encouraging
literary commentary.


K. Venkatakrishnan


Contributors of $100 will receive a copy of both (Vol2
available when published).

We need 35 people to contribute $100 each or 70 people
to contribute $50 each.  Your contributions are very
much welcome.  I will take personal responsibility to
deliver the books to the donors.  I am planning on a
trip to India this August and hope to present this
whole amount to Shri Swamy and bring the copies of the
books with me when I come back.


Raja Krishnasamy


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