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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 18:28:26 PDT

Dear Sri Vishnu and Srimathi Harini Raghavan
and other BhakthAs :

Here is a possible answer to the question on
PerumAL wearing " one line " instead of " the three
lines " on His forehead .

Our Lord Representing AchArya Paramparai:

Our Lord is the PrathamAchAryan as indicated 
in the GuruparamparA Taniyan:

LakshminAtha SamArambhAm NaaTha Yaamuna MadhyamAm
asmathAchArya paryanthAm vandhE GuruparamparAm 

LakshminAthan or Sriya: pathi is the first 
in our lineage of our AchAryAs . Therefore ,
He has no choice except to adorn the VaishNava
Chinnam (symbol) : ThirumaNN . 

To remind us of the importance of our AchAryAs ,
some times the Lord Himself appeared in front of
our AchAryAs ( Before AchArya RaamAnujA at 
Thirukkurungudi for manthra UpadEsam and got
the ThirunAmAm of Sri VaishNava Nampi, Sri RenganAthan
as a small boy to bless us with the taniyan for
Sri MaNavALa Maamuni: Sri SailEsa DayApAthram -).
Hence , it is understandable that He has to adorn
the most important VaishNava Chinnam , PuNDram or
ThirumaNN .He si reminding us to wear the ThirumaNN.

The Sevai of our ArchA Moorthys at their dhivya Desams

When you take a  survey of the 106 dhivya dEsa 
EmperumAns , You will find an interesting trend 
and some variations to it .

Moolavar has the Three line ThirumaNN

The commonly observed trend is that the Moolavar 
wears ThirumaNN with " three lines ". The Uthsavar 
wears either a trainagular diamond or gem as Tilakam 
in place of the ThriumaNN .

Uthsavar some times has the three liner

In the case of Thiruppathi Uthsavar (Malayappa Swami),
He wears a "three line " ThirumaNN ;The Ubhaya 
NaachiyArs of Uthsavar at Thiruppathi also wear 
disctinct ThirumaNN with "Three lines". This is
to reflect their VaishNava Sri. 

Other dhivya dEsa Uthsavars having three line ThirumaNN 
are : KrupAsamudhra PerumAL of SirupuliyUr ,SaaranAtha PerumAL
of ThirucchErai,ThiruvAli-Thirunagari perumAL,
GovindarAjan of Thillai Thirucchitthira Kootam ,
many EmperumAns of ThirunAngUr dhivya desams 
with the exception of the PerumAL of ThiruvaNN 
PurushOtthamam , ThirukkUdal Azhagar ,RangamannAr
of SrivillipputthUr , ThiruppuLingudi Kaacchina VEndhan,
ThirukkOvalUr and others.

Some times three liners and other times gem traingles
Oppiliappan (Ponnappan ) Uthsavar on special occasions
wears a three line ThirumaNN and on other occsasions 
wears a diamond inverted triangle to represent 
the ThirumaNN. This is a situation of either Three lines 
or the inverted gem traingle adorning the foreheads 
of the Uthsavars .

Inverted Gem Triangles symbolizing ThirumaNN(Uthsavars)
Sri Kasthuri Rangan's ( Uthsavar at Srirangam) huge
single gem on His forehead is an ancient one standing  in
for the ThirumaNN .ThirukkaNNapuram's SourirAja
PerumAL, ThirunaRayUr SrinivAsan,ThirukkaNnangudi 
DaamOdhara NaarayaNan , KaLLazhagar of ThirumAlirumchOlai,
AzhwAr Thirunagari's AadhinAthan , ThiruvallikkENi's 
ParthasArathy PerumAL, Sri Moorthy of SaaLagrAmam ,
Thirukkudnthai AarAvamudhan, Thiruanbil PerumAL ,
Kaanchi VaradarAjan and others. 

Just a red line representing Sri Devi
ThiruvaraguNamangai VijayAsanap PerumAL uthsavar
has a huge ruby on His forehead as ThirumaNN .
This is Just Sri ChUrnam ! Most of the MalayALa Naattu
Thiruppathis have gOpi chnadanam and vermillion
(Kumkumam ) at the center. 

The Supreme ViashNava Sri of the Lord as our
AchAryan is represented in many ways , when 
they wear the symbol of Sri VaishNavaa. Our Uthsavar's
consorts (Ubhaya NaacchiyArs) at Thirumalai 
wear clear three lined ThirumaNN as the second
in line of AchAryAs . 

NamO NaarAyaNAYa , 

At 09:55 AM 6/19/00 -0700, you wrote:
>thiruvengada jeeyar thiruvadigale Saranam.
>dear Bhagavatas,
>Why does Perumal keep Thirumann on His forehead? one of
>my colleagues, a Srivaishnava, says that we do not have all the three lines
on the forehead of the image of Perumal in many temples and have only the
middle line. is it true?
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