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Srivaishnavism all pervading and ultimate message4 ,part 1

From: Sampathkumar (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 10:20:06 PDT

Respected and learned  BHakthas
I firmly believe anything and everything is possible provided  we sincerely  and honestly do it  and ofcourse with the benevolence and grace of Lord Sriman Narayana.In this fast spreading materialistic world  religion is taking the back seat  and our Great Philosophy  of Srivaishnavism  should  not be allowed to  lose its greatness.Let me correct myself and restate it.Let us not be instrumental  in not maintaing the glory of  Srivaishnavism.
A time has come therfore for us to do introspection  and my mails was the result of it. A silver lining to the whole issue  is  a substantial number  people born  in the second,thirdand fourth varuna  and not srivaishnavas by birth who are eager  toget into the fold . I can with conviction say this the group which will steadfastly  follow the  faith  unlike the big  and sizeable middle group of first varuna  who reason it out  as conveient to them in doing or not doing.
Having identified how do we proceed. The first and formost is the consolidation of the sub groups in the first group of Srivaishnavas who are learned  and who have all the suggetions, solutions, and knowledge.This is highly sensitive area  and I prefer not to get into this except by  making  earnest appeal  in  not widening the  philosophical difference in the two sub systems. Let all of us appreciate each others  sentiments and respect it. 
I promised I will conclude in the fourth mail. I may be pardoned  for dragging it .
Jaya Sriman Narayana
H.H.Sri Mudaliyadan Swami shisya  sampaths

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