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Srivaishnavism introspection message 3.

From: Sampathkumar (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 19:40:31 PDT

 My salutation to all.In my earlier message I have  mentioned about three groups ,a very low percentage of learned srivaishnavas, big majority  of middle group for various reasons  not fully involved in the philosophy and again  a third group of small percetage  having all the desire and will to get fully into the system.A  very big burden has there fore  fallen on the first group to see and ensure the other two group  slowly and steadily get into the main stream.Is the first group of learned Srivaishnavas  helping the other two group ? I wish I am wrong in my observation.But what is happening is for everyone to see and observe.The learned group can not  simply dismiss  the.  observation by saying" we never prevented  any one from learning, why cant they also take as much interest as we have taken,there are plenty of books and reading material let them also know and learn from these,they are not sincere, they donot follow the  acharam  and niyamam  required" The list can be en!
dless.I am the last person to say that  all the learned srivaishnavas have this attitude. There  are only handful of learned srivaishnavas, who do everything to ensure  more and more people  not only  stay steadfastly with the philosophy  but also  accept wholeheardedly and  help the third group of people to  get into this great philosophy of Srivaishnavism Time  is running fast. Great Acharya Purushas, H.H.Jeers, and other Spiritual leaders, their numbers are dwindeling.Who is going to lead us, say after next 20 years. Every moment only the middle group is increasing at the cost of first  group. Is my fear only imaginary and contrary to what is happening.Am my ringing a false alarm. A number of  persons with whom I interacted  honestly subscribed to my views  and what was really worrying me was after expressing thier feeling  ,.they were a bundle of complacency and resigning to fate.Comments varied from " why dont you mind your business and there are others to take care of  t!
o" my friend ,give me chance  and I will also participate  in any noble action as ordered by learned srivaishnava "
let me sign off my third part . I desire to conclude with my next mail
Jaya Sriman Narayana
H.H.Mudaliyandan Swami shisya  sampaths  

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